Don't compare yourself to "perfect pictures"....

I love the "connected" age we live in,
but I also struggle with it.
I love that I can go online and find so much amazing inspiration from so many amazing women.
However, it can leave me feeling paralized.
It's like I'm bombarded with too much of a good thing,
so instead of doing something,
I spend my time looking at things others have done and wanting to do them.

It's so easy to paint a pretty picture online.
I always go back and forth with how "real" to be on my blog and Facebook.
I don't necessarily want the world to know my dirty laundry,
my struggles,
my tears.
So instead I focus on the good things.
The little things that bring light to my day.
I don't share my piles of laundry,
my struggles of balancing a little business and full time mothering,
my floors that need to be mopped,
that I have too much on my calendar this week and I'm stressed,
that I lost it one too many times with my kids today,
that I'm struggling in a big way with my oldest child,
that I struggle with anxiety,
that I'm finally going to therapy 9 years after my dad died because I realized I never really grieved and it's time to fix myself,
that so many people I'm close to are hurting and struggling and how I just want to fix things for them,
that life is just FULL of struggles.

Nope, that stuff is no fun to blog about.
It's too real,
it leaves me feeling much too vulnearable.
Some days I just NEED to focus on something good,
and my camera helps me see good and happy things.
I can pick up my camera and take a picture of my daughter coloring and focus on that sweet moment, and block out the huge pile of things that need to be attended to behind her.
It makes me happy.
It helps me focus on the good things in the middle of hard times.

What we post online isn't always the "real" picture.
It's just perhaps what we want to focus on and share.
Don't compare yourself to the perfect images you see on Pinterest, or blogs, or FB.
Life is hard,
it's full of struggles,
and it's OK if we use the internet to focus on the good.
Just don't let yourself feel like you are not good enough because of someone elses "perfect" pictures :)
We all have strengths and talants,
and just because we didn't take amazing step by step pictures and blog all about something cool we did,
doesn't mean it didn't happen :)
give yourself permission to take a step back and give yourself a break and embrace the today :)


Carly said…
Wonderful written, and extremely true!
Kelly said…
Jessica, I've always thought you have such a great balance of this. You are very real in your struggles (kids, sleep, etc.), but you don't overwhelm your readers with too much negative. You have plenty of fun posts. I don't like to read blogs that are rainbows and sunshine all the time (in fact, I have friends that I just can't read b/c I compare myself and always feel discontent afterwards)...nor ones that are depressing all the time. I think you give a very accurate glimpse into your life, good and bad. :)
Christy said…
Great post! I agree, its hard to know the balance on what and what not to post. I mean I dont think as a general rule its good to vent about everything especially because many of us are in leadership at church or in positions at work that would hurt others if we did. I think more than not FB crosses over the line to gossip. I think being real, genuine and honest can be done with great sincerity and tact and still allow people a glimpse into our lives without hurting others or giving the false impression we are perfect. For example my youngest daughter picked her nose and are it multiple times at a bday party last weekend to get the boys grossed out. I find that out after we pick her up and yup thats my life. lol!
BC said…
Thanks Jessica! Needed to know life is not always perfect for all of us again. I struggle with worry. It is my constant friend right now and I would love to through it to the wind. Oh well on another day. I am glad to hear you are grieving your dad! That is good and healing! I will pray for you - that it goes well. Life through the lense is so beautiful I agree. Thanks for sharing.
Christina said…
This is so honest and true and just what I needed to read. Nothing and no one is perfect, and I find myself (often) overwhelmed by all the "perfect" seemingly on display all over Facebook, Pinterest and the blog world. Sometimes I just have to stop and take a break from it all to remember who I am and what is really important. I find myself ever gravitating towards the genuine, and I admire that so much about your blog - that you focus mostly on beauty and blessing, but aren't afraid to keep it real.
Anonymous said…
Wonderfully said! You've offered another way of looking at things that I had not thought about. Life is difficult but it is also filled with many joys and blessings. What we choose to focus on in our day to day life is what will make us happy or sad. I've often heard it said that when we feel envious another person it means we really want to do what they're doing ~ so what's stopping us??? Life is a journey not a destination. Now when I take out my camera as I do on a regular basis I will remember your words "my camera helps me see good and happy things". How awesome is that! Thank you.
Charlee said…
Its true we all struggle and paint that perfect picture online while we have issues we are not ready to post about facing.

My struggles with Breven that I posted about were only 1/10 of what it was truly like and the therapy and things I had to were different.

I am proud of you for choosing therapy its hard to admit when you need it and go in for it. I was in for about 2 years then went back when Brad and I separated. It was well worth the time and money to get to talk to someone with great perspective on life and things that I was blinded to seeing.

Choosing to look at the good shows that you have the ability to still see the good which is a positive thing.

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