A few randoms

I'm pretty excited that I am finished processing the wedding I shot two weeks ago.  I know you're dying to see all the photos, right?  Well, don't worry, you can see all 642 of them right here if you'd like :)  I've spent a LOT of time at the computer the past couple of weeks.

I have two more pictures of myself from that day.  Mark took them and I think they are pretty cool :)

I shot with two cameras... my new one and my old one, that way I didn't have to constantly switch lenses.  I probably won't do this next time, while handy it was a bit cumbersome.

Last week I had a photoshoot at Newport Beach and I drug my family along for some company.   It was gorgeous there. While I did my shoot Matt took the kids to play at a playground on the beach.  They had a blast and I was happy to have the company in the car :)

When I met back up with the kids and Matt Ethan was happy to see me and gave me a cute smile :)

Want to know something?
I'm turning 30 on Wedensday.
I'm not really super excited about it.
I like the sound of being in my 20s.
30 just doesn't excite me.

I am however looking forward to the week, because my celebrating starts tomorrow with a crab leg dinner at my moms... yummmm.
Then Matt and I get to spend two nights in the Gaslamp in San Diego all by ourselves,
and I am DEFINITELY looking forward to that.
We plan on relaxing, hitting up a couple of breweries, reading, going to the beach, checking out the photography museum... and best of all, just doing whatever we want without worrying about taking care of anyone else!  :)

That's all for now...
I need to pay bills and do other fun stuff, lol.
But then we're off to play and do something fun.
Hope you're having a great Saturday!~


Kelly said…
Yes, I agree about 30. At this point, I think milestone wedding anniversaries are more exciting than birthdays. :) How fun that you guys can get away!! Have a wonderful time and I hope it's great weather (however it's San Diego, how could it NOT be??). :)
Crystal Keilers said…
Pretty sunset. I LOVE the jeans you have on at the beach. Super cute.
Teresa DiMillo said…
Turning 30 really wasn't that bad... besides, you are one of the LAST ones to turn 30, so get over it! I had a hard time with it too, but I was one of the 1st ones to turn 30. I will be 31 2 months after you just hit your 30 mark, so sorry, you get no sympathy from me ;) Anyway, I LOVE the picture of you and the family at Newport!
krista said…
Glad that you guys get to get away! And to SD---woohoo! 30 has been good so far. Not nearly as scary as I had anticipated :) Good job on getting your wedding pics done---I'm off to look at them...
Christine said…
Beautiful shots lady! And HAPPY 30! Wow you're old. LOL. I know what you mean about 30 and I'm not looking forward to it either. ;)

Have a great birthday!!
Christy said…
You know I was a little concerned about leaving my 20's but I gotta say, everything about my 30's is better. I feel like getting older and being married longer has made this season of life super fun with my husband. Not to mention I am way more comfortable in my own skin. More wisdom on not sweating the small stuff and a greater appreciation for Gods past faithfulness in our lives. So all that to say I think your gonna ROCK the 30's!
Jolene Grace said…
I don't know how I missed the part about your finished pictures when I read this before. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! You are amazingly talented, girl!

You are fabulous, and you just keep getting MORE fabulous as the years pass. It ain't fair, I tell ya! LOVE YOU SIS!

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