Matt's 33rd Birthady

It was a simple day.
He awoke to the bar decorated with streamers and balloons and presents awaiting him.
We loved on him and wished him happy birthday and sent him off to work.

Mama had a very long and hard day with the kids.
Took them outside to play and take a few pictures before Dad was to get home, which cheered all of us up.

Began preparing his special birthday dinner (all things he requested).
Welcomed him home and loved on him more,
tried not to let the stress of the day show through.

Put the kiddos to bed very early (as neither one had napped).
Enjoyed a VERY tasty dinner alone, in our own home :)
With candles lit, music playing, and no littles running around, it was quite nice.
I made roasted asparagus, rolls, and Pioneer Woman's short ribs with wine and cream over roasted mushrooms.  VERY delicious.

Went to prepare the whipping cream for the dessert and made a bit of a mess...

We giggled,
cleaned it up,
and enjoyed a very tasty caramel pie.

All in all, not the greatest day (for me, for Matt it was nice, he was at work away from the drama, lol),
but it was a super nice evening :)


krista said…
You are such a great cook & wife. And sometimes those simple birthdays are the best of all :) Your meal looks like it was yummy!
Kelly said…
Sorry it wasn't a better day for you, but glad the evening went well. Um...where is the link for that amazing looking pie???
Jolene Grace said…
You are such an inspiration. Matt is truly blessed.
Matt said…
I am blessed. Thanks again to my wonderful wife for making my birthday great!

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