My Birthday Week

I have to say, my birthday week didn't pan out exactly as I'd hoped, but it was still great :)

For starters the stupid flu decided to make an appearance and take down my mom, Ethan, me, and Danny Flores.  That meant I didn't have a birthday dinner last weekend at my moms with crab legs (because she had the flu).  Really though it worked out because later that evening I came down with the flu, and Ethan threw up in the middle of the night as well.  I spent all day Monday in misery.  Tuesday I was feeling about 85 %, but still weak and a little queezy. 

Wednesday was my actual birthday and I awoke to a few sweet things from my hubby....
They made me feel very loved :)

The hydrangea is to plant in front of my bathroom window.  I've been wanting one.  It's my favorite flower and I don't have any planted at this house!  The cyclamen will also be planted out back.

 Isn't this sign the sweetest?
Matt made it for me :)

So on my birthday I had planned on going to Glen Ivy with Faith since you get in for free on your birthday (and she had a gift card).  My birthday is normally gorgeous weather wise, however some crazy storm from Alaska blew in just for me and we spent the day at Glen Ivy in the freezing cold rain :)  We still managed to enjoy ourselves, after all it's not super bad sitting in a warm spa with the rain, but we did tire of it and ended up spending about half our time in the locker room spa, lol.  There was no laying out in the sun and relaxing that day.  My mother in law watched my kids all day and it was nice to just have a break, despite the rain.
Here we are covered in mud

When I arrived home I had these beauties waiting for me on my counter (my brother in law Dan sent them to me):

And Matt making me my requested birthday dinner: grilled steak and shrimp, potatoes au gratin, grilled corn on the cob.  He made the entire meal by himself and I was quite impressed.  It was cooked to perfection :)

However, that brings me back to that dang flu.  The Flores' came over to enjoy my birthday dinner with me but unfortunately Danny came down with the flu on the way over.  He spent the evening in our guest bed while Jolene and Matt and I ate and watched the kids.  I felt really bad he had to miss out. Jolene made me an amazing tiramasu.  I was able to enjoy most of the food, however my stomach was not quite back to normal and my appetite was just not that huge.

Ethan was "reading" to Christian.  I love that they are both wearing sunglasses here :)

The next morning (Thursday) Matt and I got to take off to San Diego for two nights.  It was a great trip and I have TONS of pictures to post from that :)  Guess what I came home with though?  A cold!  haha.  I guess my immune system is not off to a good start this fall.  I'm praying I get over it fast and feel good for a while because I have a very busy October ahead of me.

I'll be back soon with lots of fun San Diego pics :)


even though there were some things that could have brought you down, you kept in great spirits! Happy birthday!!!! :)
Rhonda said…
Love the picture of the boys in sunglasses - so cute!
And oh that tiramisu is making my mouth water. Its an understatement to say I am a bit envious.

Praying you feel better!
Heart n Soul said…
Hey there ... just popped over from 'Here to eternity' ... loved your photos - BEAUTIFUL :)
Christine said…
Wow! happy 30 girl!!! Looks like you had so much fun!!!
Christy said…
Oh man girl! I hope you went and got those probiotics I was telling you about. None of us have had the flu in probably 4 years, even when we are around someone that has it. I hope you are feeling better and I cant wait to see pictures from your time in San Diego.
Crystal said…
I love you two =). So cute.

But so sad about the flu, boo.

And Ethan and Christian, oh my. Their cuteness keeps getting cuter, how is this possible?

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