Our Fall family Pictures

A few weeks ago I did a photo swap with my friends and talented photographers Jhen and Jon.  I had pinned an idea on Pinterest a long time ago and when Jhen mentioned she wanted to use the same setup for photos I was stoked.  She set up everything.  I brought along a few of my own touches (just the donuts, juice and cake stands), and we did a little photoshoot trade.  She shot my family first and then I did hers.  You can see her pictures here.

I LOVE how these turned out.  I want to frame so many of them.  Here are some of my favorites...

After taking some family pics I wanted some pictures of just Matt and I.
I LOVE how they turned out.

I know... this one's a little racy, lol.

Ethan had his first little crush on their daughter... it was pretty cute, and he had great behavior trying to impress her!  haha.
Thanks for the precious pictures Jhen!!!


Kelly said…
Love them!! I love the truck idea and also using fun foods (like the donuts) for the kids to be holding. :)
Teresa DiMillo said…
Great family pictures Jess.... I LOVE the boots AND the heels, super sexy! I love that you and Matt are so playful, it totally keeps a marriage going strong. Ethan and Alayna looked so cute! Did you curl her hair?

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