Alayna loves to put on all of her "pretties", which are any sort of jewelry or play high heels.  She'll often walk around the house wearing around 10 bracelets and 5 necklaces and her play shoes.  Unfortunately Ethan thinks these "pretties" are just too pretty to resist, and fights often break out because he tries to take hers away and wear them himself.  Thankfully we have enough bracelets to go around, and two pairs of play high heels.  I guess when you're almost four it doesn't matter just yet that these accessories are not really for boys :)

I'm saving this one to pull out when he brings home his first girlfriend.... hehe

And I had to post these...
Alayna has such a fun and silly personality. 
I love it.


Teresa DiMillo said…
I LOVE that Alayna is such a girly girl, yet is not afraid to get dirty! She is a sweetie.

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