The Pumpkin Patch

I finally got around to taking the kids over to one of our local pumpkin patches (Greenspot Farms).
We had such a fun morning.
We didn't pay to do the actual tour, but we had fun walking around and exploring.

At one point a school group came around us and the kids ended up getting to feed the animals for free.

The kids picked out pumpkins and then decided to put them back so they could keep growing :)  I was fine with that because I didn't want to buy them anyhow, lol.

They have this old locomotive there and the kids had a blast climbing in and out of it and pretending to drive it.  Ethan said we were on the island of Sodor :)  Who knows what that's from??

 They have a little area with teeter totters and an old metal slide.  Fun.
I might have sampled a fig that I picked off one of the trees near the play area. It was yummy :)
One of Ethan's favorite parts was the hedge maze.  He led us through it about nine times :)

There was also a cool bee house and the kids loved seeing the bees up close.  I didn't get any pictures of that. We ended up staying at the pumpkin patch for nearly two hours.
As we were leaving Ethan was in tears and saying "I want to come here every day!".
I guess that means he had fun :)
I was happy that we could have such a nice time together and I only spent $1.00 (on a treat for them).


Lisa Haveman said…
Looks like fun! The Island of Sodor is from Thomas the Train :) Trenton is a huge fan of Thomas...
Kelly said…
We missed that slide area! Guess we'll need to go back. How cute that they put the pumpkins back to keep growing. :)
Annette said…
Thomas the Tank Engine! Those tractor tires look like the ones they had at RCS---are they still there? Tire tag anyone?
Looks like you had fun---happy to see you all happy! Wish we weren't all the way to Amanda's, or we'd love to join you

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