San Diego

Matt and I were blessed to be able to spend two nights in San Diego to celebrate my birthday last week.  Thank you mom and Marlene for babysitting, and thank you Oates for the use of your timeshare!  We had a really nice time getting away, and while I still wasn't feeling totally great yet, at least I felt good enough to enjoy our time away :)  I have so many pictures I want to share.  We took along my camera and had a lot of fun just playing around with photography.  I'm teaching Matt how to shoot in manual right now and we had fun practicing.  That's also why there are a TON of pictures of me, lol.

On the way down we stopped in Escondido at Stone Brewery.  That place is so cool.  The grounds are amazing, the restaurant was really neat and the food was delicious.  Really we should have split a meal because I could not finish mine.  We had the biggest, most amazing BLT I've ever had.

They have gardens that you can walk through, and where they hold events.  They were really pretty.

After stuffing ourselves we headed to our hotel in the Gaslamp District, checked in and took a little nap before heading out to catch a movie.  We saw What's Your Number, and it was enjoyable.  We wandered around the Gaslamp looking for a place to eat dinner and wound up at Jimmy Love's.  They had live jazz and it was right up our alley (we love jazz).  It was such a fun place.

The next day we headed Coronodo to enjoy the beach.  It was sunny and warm so we enjoyed laying around on the beach for several hours.  Back when were dating we used to go to the beach nearly every single weekend.  We LOVE the beach :)  Coronodo has the best beaches.  We were right next to the Hotel Del.  We had fun watching all the planes fly in right over us to land at the base.  This was the first time all year that I got to just relax at the beach (all the other times I've been to the beach have been for photoshoots or I've had my kids in tow).  It was delightful :)

We packed up our stuff and decided to rent bikes.  We cruised all around Coronodo and it was so much fun.  I LOVE riding bike at the beach. 

When we returned our bikes we walked over to a fun little restaurant and hit up the happy hour for dinner.  After dinner we walked back down to the beach to watch the sunset.  It was gorgeous.  Matt was having fun playing around with my camera, hence the large amount of pictures of me.  Don't mind that I look totally icky... having been at the beach all day and then gone for a bike ride.

We went back to our hotel and had drinks up on the top deck.  We played around with super low shutter speeds on my camera.  I love this shot that Matt got of our drinks on the bar.

We might have walked down across the street to McDonalds for chicken McNuggets and cherry pies at some point too, lol. You want to know the best part?  Before we realized it, it was midnight, lol.  I love that when you don't have kids to take care of you can just do whatever you want and not care about the time.

The next morning we lounged around and then checked out of our hotel.  We headed over to Balboa Park and hit up a couple of the museums.  I was really excited about the photography museum, but unfortunately only a third of it was open because they were in the middle of changing out their exhibits.  I really have never been to Balboa Park and had so much fun just walking around taking in all the pretty architecture and scenery.

We had fun walking through the botanical gardens and taking pictures of all the pretty flowers.  I'm thinking we might frame a couple of these in our guest bedroom.

We enjoyed a tasty lunch at the restaurant there (I think it was called Prado's).  I even got a free dessert because it was my birthday (well, two days earlier it was my birthday, lol).  It was really yummy.

After lunch we wandered back to our car (it was around 4:00 pm, so I guess it was a late lunch), and saw no less than 5 wedding parties being photographed or walking around.  It was wedding central around that place.

It was fun to come home and see our kiddos.  It's always nice to have a chance to miss them.  They had been in very good hands and been spoiled by both grandmas. During our last afternoon there I came down with a wicked cold that has reared it's ugly head all week long.  Nothing like back to reality huh?  It was a great trip... at least I have the pictures to make me smile now :)


Kelly said…
That sounds WONDERFUL!!! What a perfect trip for you guys. Glad you had such a fun time. :)
pammyh said…
The Prado. Yum yum yum. Great cocktails and great food. I haven't been since my bridesmaids I had lunch there the day before my wedding! Jealous!
Jolene Grace said…
Sounds like perfection! Glad it was such a lovely time!
Christy said…
Ahhh...I am so glad you had fun. Dan & I love all those places as well. Such a bummer that you are sick again. :(

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