The sweetest gift

My dear friend and "sister" Jolene wrote the sweetest blog post for me yesterday for my birthday.

As if that wasn't enough, she made me a video.  Gosh, it was fun to watch this and walk down memory lane.  I also might have cried a little :)  I guess when you've been friends with someone for 18 years you have a lot of memories together!  Thank you Jolene for one of the most thoughtful and special gifts I've ever received :)  I sure do love you!  What a blessing our friendship has been, and continues to be :)


Heather said…
My gosh! This made me cry!! So sweet. I too have a bestfriend who I have known since the 4th grade. Life long friends are a true treasure. I hope you had a GREAT birthday!
kim said…
I have followed your blog for a while now and I just had to comment on this post.. Happy Birthday... The video just brought me to tears.. My bestfriend past away almost two years ago this month. We had known each other since 6th grade.. I miss her so much every day.. We used to talk/text several times a day.. She past away when I was almost 3 months pregnant with my daughter. She left behind a two year old daughter named Ava. Enjoy your friend while you are able to because it can be taken away so suddenly.. Hope you had an amazing birthday.God bless.

Mark Leonard said…
That is an awesome video, Jess. You are lucky to have such a friend.
Christy said… fun watching you two grow up all over again. So cute with your overalls and fun trips to your husbands and sweet babies. You two are truly blessed to have that bond with each other. Happy Birthday Jess, you really are a light in this crazy world. Blessed friend.
Crystal said…
Okay, more goosebumps. So tender. What a treasure.

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