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Chocolate Ganache Torte

I'm mostly posting this recipe for my friend Kelly, who loves all things chocolate and rich :)  I made this while Matt's family was visiting when they all came over one night.  This is hands down the RICHEST and most diet unfriendly dessert I've ever made :)  In fact, I cut this tort into 20 pieces and could not even finish one whole piece.  I dare you to try it :)  It's soooooo yummy!!!!

The original recipe I found online called for a chocolate crust, and I modified and made a graham cracker crust instead, and I'm glad it did, it went well together. 

Chocolate Ganache Torte Recipe IngredientsThe Shell
One package graham crackers1/4 sugar1/2 cup finely chopped pecans or walnutsMelted butter (1/4 cup or less)9 inch spring-form panThe Filling
1 1/2 to 2 pounds of the best available semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate, well chopped into small pieces (use brick chocolate, not chips)... I actually only had half good chocolate, so I used chocolate chips for the rest…

Thanksgiving 2011

Since we were looking all spiffy and coordinated I had to do a little photoshoot before we headed over to Matt's parent's house :)  I actually loved how these turned out.

This is such a natural and real smile of Ethan.  I love it.

 My silly girl
 A rare picture of both of my kids looking and smiling :)

 I set my camera on another chair and used the self timer to get a shot of all of us.  My trick to get the kids to look and smile... I told them to "find the blinking light and laugh at it", haha. It worked!

 We had around 22 people (kids included) for Thanksgiving at Matt's parents house.  My mom and my brother joined us and all of Matt's siblings were there.  It was such a fun day.  This was the most relaxing holiday we've had since having kids.  We didn't have a baby to chase after, and Ethan spent the entire day playing nicely with his cousins, it was awesome.  We even got to sit and play an entire game of Cranium with Mike and Heather.... we hadn&#…

A Day Out With Thomas

A couple weeks back Matt's parents treated us and his brother's family to "A Day out with Thomas".  It took place at the train museum in Perris and it was so cute.  We all got to take a ride on Thomas, ride trollies, a caboose, and look at all of the cool old trains in the museums.  Ethan loved it all (as did Matt, hehe).  My favorite part was definitely the cool trains in the museums.

We all got to take a ride on a train pulled by Thomas.  The kids loved it :)

I just love the look of awe on his face as he looks out the window (this was a trolly we rode).

This was the old caboose we rode.  The kids got to ride up at the very top... so fun.
Ethan and Clayton.  Clayton is 16 months older than Ethan.

Can you see the reflection of the trains in my glasses?

What a fun day! Thank you so much Sid and Marlene for taking our family!

A Perfect Fit

I try not to complain too much about Ethan, or really go into specifics about my difficulties with him, because I don't want him to look back through my blog books one day and focus on those kinds of posts.  With that being said, he is a challenge :)  I used to beat myself up over how hard I thought he was, and thought I just must not have been a good mom... and then I had Alayna and realized how truly different children can be, even with the same parenting.  I realized that I am doing my best, and that is all I can do.  God made him who he is and instead of constantly trying to fight it (which I still find myself doing at times), and wish he were different, I just need to love him and work with him and appreciate him for who he is.

I was having a particularly hard day with Ethan the other week and then one of the blogs I read (thank you Salt and Nectar) posted this quote, and boy did it ever resonate with me... in a big way.  It's been running through my head constantly.  Ju…

LA County Fair

I recently popped in my memory card from my point and shoot camera, and found these pictures from back in September.  We took the day off and met up with the Flores Family at the LA County Fair.  Our kids had a blast. Outings like that are so much more fun now that our kids are old enough to enjoy it and can survive the day without a nap. 

We had fun watching the pig races, eating some junk food, looking at all the animals and displays, watching a few horse races and just hanging out.  Ethan's favorite part was when I took him on the sky ride.  He was in heaven. 

2 weddings in a row

We had two of our friends get married two weekends in a row back in October.

The first one was the wedding of Jen Dahlin and Quenten Leenstra.  They got married up at the Arrowhead Springs Resort.  It was so much fun for me to be back up there.  I have SO many childhood memories from that place.  I only had my point and shoot with me, so I just took a few snapshots of us and our friends.  I didn't even try to get a picture of the bride and groom.  I figured I'd leave that to the people with the big cameras :)

The next weekend we had the wedding of David and Caitlyn at the Serendipity Gardens in Oak Glen.  David and Caitlyn are part of our weekly dinner small group.  The weather was perfect and it was a gorgeous place.  We had so much fun sipping wine, dancing, and having grown up conversation ;) 
It's not often we get to get dressed up all snazzy two weekends in a row!  :)

A few scenes from a day through a wide angle...

A few scenes from Sunday evening through a wide angle lens...

Playing with Legos

Playing with toys and creating messes
Dance party.... us Hekmans love a good dance party. Matt was practicing with the flash :)

What's up?
Hmmmm.... what's wrong with this picture?

Oh, you mean you didn't notice the 4 year old boy wearing his sister's play high heels? I thought everyone rode a scooter in high heels!
He looks like a giant from this angle!
Matt took this.... I like it. Our house through the branches of one of our California Redwood trees.
 Dump trucks are always in action around here....

Wide angle lenses are fun... I was sad to have to mail this one back.
It was the Canon 17-55 2.8 (not an L series but still pretty awesome). We rented it to use at our wedding this weekend, it was fun to play with.