A Day Out With Thomas

A couple weeks back Matt's parents treated us and his brother's family to "A Day out with Thomas".  It took place at the train museum in Perris and it was so cute.  We all got to take a ride on Thomas, ride trollies, a caboose, and look at all of the cool old trains in the museums.  Ethan loved it all (as did Matt, hehe).  My favorite part was definitely the cool trains in the museums.

We all got to take a ride on a train pulled by Thomas.  The kids loved it :)

I just love the look of awe on his face as he looks out the window (this was a trolly we rode).

This was the old caboose we rode.  The kids got to ride up at the very top... so fun.

Ethan and Clayton.  Clayton is 16 months older than Ethan.

Can you see the reflection of the trains in my glasses?

What a fun day!
Thank you so much Sid and Marlene for taking our family!


Mom H said…
You are welcome, it was a fun day for us too!!
Christy said…
OK you have to take your kids to the Polar Express train some time. Look it up, it's AMAZING! :)

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