A few scenes from a day through a wide angle...

 A few scenes from Sunday evening through a wide angle lens...

Playing with Legos

Playing with toys and creating messes

Dance party....
us Hekmans love a good dance party.
Matt was practicing with the flash :)

What's up?

what's wrong with this picture?

Oh, you mean you didn't notice the 4 year old boy wearing his sister's play high heels?
I thought everyone rode a scooter in high heels!

He looks like a giant from this angle!

Matt took this.... I like it.
Our house through the branches of one of our California Redwood trees.

 Dump trucks are always in action around here....

Wide angle lenses are fun...
I was sad to have to mail this one back.
It was the Canon 17-55 2.8 (not an L series but still pretty awesome).
We rented it to use at our wedding this weekend, it was fun to play with.


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