Since becoming an adult I never really cared about Halloween.  I have to admit, having kids who LOVE to dress up and trick or treat and partake in all the fun, gets me much more into it.  My kids were thrilled to get into their costumes this year, especially because they had both picked them out :)

My bunny rabbit and Lightening McQueen.

We started off the day stopping by The Redlands Christian Home to show all the "papas and grandmas" their costumes and of course get a little candy.

After Matt got home we stopped for a quick dinner at El Pollo Loco, then went over to Trinity's Halloween Happenin'.  This was our first year going to that.  We stayed for an hour and Ethan had a blast playing the carnival games.  Alayna was a little intimidated by it all.

We went home and ended the night trick or treating around our neighborhood.  We live in a very dark street and the houses are pretty far apart, so we really only went to a handful of houses (which was fine by me).  Our kids are some of the only ones on the street so of course everyone told them to take handfuls of candy.


Christy said…
I kinda felt the same way about Halloween when our girls were babies. But then as they grew and discovered the love of dressing up and role playing it got super contagious for me. LOL! I mean whats better than getting to be someone else for one night and people give you treats to do it! :)

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