Life Lately's been pretty crazy.

*Between last week and this week I'll have had 8 photoshoots and I'm shooting a wedding in a week and a half.  8 shoots in two weeks is a lot.  During those two weeks I've also had Matt's birthday and Ethan's birthday party (I have lots of pictures to share from that).  To say I'm busy is a tad of an understatement.  I'm looking forward to things slowing down at the end of November.  I love all the business, but being this busy is doing me in right now :)

*I had my very first photoshoot this past weekend where the clients had found me from simply searching Google.  I have two more shoots like that booked this month.  I have photoshoots with people I've never met all the time, but those people usually find me from someone else.  These people had no connection to me.  It was pretty exciting to reach that milestone :)  Here is the sneak peek I gave them from their shoot, I loved how it turned out.

*In the past week and a half Alayna has napped twice.  So frustrating.  I don't know what is going on but she just barely turned two, she cannot possibly be giving up naps???  She went from napping great to all of the sudden she just plays and talks for two hours in her crib.  Hoping this is just a kink in the road and it passes.  I mean, my four year old has been napping more than her!

*Made it to the gym twice this week so far and finally felt strong again.  I guess my body took quite a while to feel better from all that sickness.  Makes me appreciate feeling good.  I also got my very first flu shot today (I've never had one).

*Took Ethan to get his four year shots today.  I was a little nervous about it, but he did great.  I got my flu shot first so I could show him how to be brave :)  He cried, but no one had to hold him down, he layed there.  I had brought along a HUGE lollypop as his reward, so he was stoked for that.

*Little things like this make me happy.... these are leftover from my shoot on Sunday...

*I'm looking VERY forward to tomorrow evening (Friday), because it will be my first evening at home in almost two weeks. I'm not going to work on any photos either :)

*So sorry I'm not very exciting, literally all I've done lately is keep my head above water and do photoshoots and edit :)  Oh, and I did birthdays last week. I'll be back soon with pictures from Ethan's party.  Alayna is currently yelling at me from her room (after not napping AGAIN).


MiCHeLLe said…
Lars stopped taking naps at two... :/
Tonda Lynk said…
The pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Both of my boys stopped napping at 2
Crystal Keilers said…
I am so proud of the business you are building. You are an inspiration to me =). Xx
Kelly said…
That is so exciting to have people find you simply through google. How flattering because I'm sure they looked at dozens of photographers!
Janette said…
I agree with Kelly's comment. And also, people can see the intimate connection you're able to capture in the photographs. That's a great selling point :) You're doing an awesome job as a mom too. You'll figure out how to balance the two roles and what's best for your family. The Lord gave you both gifts and he'll give you the wisdom to steward well :) Love you friend!

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