Thanksgiving 2011

Since we were looking all spiffy and coordinated I had to do a little photoshoot before we headed over to Matt's parent's house :)  I actually loved how these turned out.

This is such a natural and real smile of Ethan.  I love it.

 My silly girl

 A rare picture of both of my kids looking and smiling :)

 I set my camera on another chair and used the self timer to get a shot of all of us.  My trick to get the kids to look and smile...
I told them to "find the blinking light and laugh at it", haha.
It worked!

 We had around 22 people (kids included) for Thanksgiving at Matt's parents house.  My mom and my brother joined us and all of Matt's siblings were there.  It was such a fun day.  This was the most relaxing holiday we've had since having kids.  We didn't have a baby to chase after, and Ethan spent the entire day playing nicely with his cousins, it was awesome.  We even got to sit and play an entire game of Cranium with Mike and Heather.... we hadn't played a game like that since before having kids!  It was a great day :)

We had quite the spread!  In addition to the turkey that Marlene made,  Matt had smoked two pork butts the previous day.

Me and my mom and my bro

This was quite possibly the most hilarious moment of the day...
when my mom and I played teatherball.
I have not laughed so hard in a long time.
I also had not played teatherball since grade school :)
My mom was quite the worthy opponent and we had a very competitive game!~
We were both out of breath, and I forgot how much physical activity is actually involved in teatherball!

I played my brother too

I love this picture that Matt took of our brother in law Mark

 The dog even plays teatherball!

 Four of the cousins playing outside. They had a blast roaming around Grandma and papa's huge backyard (they have an acre).  They all found sticks.  You would never know it was freezing that day since they didn't have jackets, lol.  The cold doesn't bother you when you're a kid and running around.

 My bro

My mom reading to Alayna.

Marlene and Annette

What a blessed Thanksgiving :)
To be together with family is so wonderful.


Crystal said…
I want that chair! Teather Ball! Ah that defined my Kindergarden year.

And I've never tried a pork butt, can I put my request in for the next time I'm in town, Matt? ;) ;)
Kelly said…
Teatherball brings back so many memories from childhood! Glad you had such a relaxing day with everyone. :) The family pics turned out great. Love the colors you chose.

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