We are recovering today from the wedding we shot yesterday in Dana Point.  It was a crazy day; mostly because the rain decided to stay during the entire time we did pictures :)  We made do with umbrellas, ran under the cover of trees, and tried our best to find a covered area (which ended up being the tiniest of porches, but it worked).  The bride and groom were awesome and up for anything. Matt second shot with me and I loved having him by my side all day.

So today we are recovering :)  Weddings take it out of you!  It's noon, I'm still in my jammies... coffee and pumpkin scone in hand.  I made the yummiest scones this morning that are JUSt like Starbucks pumpkin scones (my favorite). 

These scones are to die for.  Good luck eating just one!

Since we're on the topic of autumn (kind of),
here is our Thanksgiving tree.  This is the first year we've done this and it's so much fun.  Every night when we sit down to eat the first thing Ethan wants to do is write his little thankful tag.  Alayna doesn't quite get it it yet.


Another little touch of autumn in our house....

One last scene from this morning....


Kelly said…
*Very cool pics...almost seems like they turned out even more cool/unique because of the rain
*I LOVE Starbucks pumpkin scones. They are on par with their maple oat ones. :)
*I ADORE your Thanksgiving tree idea. I'm going to steal it :)

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