Catching Up...

It's been a crazy busy few months for me.
I've been doing LOTS of this....

And I just had to post this one of Matt in action at the same wedding :)

I've been blessed with a ton of business during the past few months, and I've loved all of it.  However, I've been working non stop.  I officially finished my last shoot of the year last Friday and it feels good to have a little break.  I'm happy to be able to catch up on life stuff and just breathe a little :) Now I'm thinking/planning/brainstorming about what I want to do differently next year with my business.  One thing I know for sure is that a brand new website will be in the works in January/February :)

Matt and I went out and celebrated last Friday.  We were joking that it was my company Christmas party :)  My mom babysat and we had dinner at our favorite place... The Farm.  We realized we hadn't been there in nearly a year!  It's our splurgy place, and this past year we've been trying (not always successful, but trying non the less), to stick to our budget.  It was SO nice to get out together.  We enjoyed every moment :)

On Saturday I did my Christmas baking.  I can't say I love to bake, it's really not high on my lists of enjoyment.  Sometimes I enjoy baking one batch of something, but a whole day of it, whew, it wore me out.  I guess really it wasn't a whole day, since I baked from 8:30-1:00, but still, it was a lot of baking!  Especially since I had my "helpers" underfoot.  Matt was out front hard at work trimming one of our many trees.

 On Sunday I did all of my Christmas wrapping.  Matt helped and we finished in less than two hours, woo hoo.  Wrapping is actually my least favorite part of Christmas.  I would pay someone to wrap my gifts if I could, lol.  I'm super sloppy with it, but my kids won't care :)

Alayna loves her sparkly glasses.  She decided she needed to eat breakfast in them the other day :)

 She also needed to paint in them when the kids did their Advent activity....

 The necklace was from my mom.  She got to pick it out the other week when we went shopping.  I love that she loves girly things :)

 I was on my way home from a photoshoot the other week and thought the sunset was super pretty reflecting off the mountains (I was two blocks from home when I took this).

 This was the other side of the street.... not quite as pretty, but I liked the picture through the fence :)

Last week shortly before naptime I looked out back and saw this...
Ethan and Alayna were walking around the backyard holding hands. I asked what they were doing. Ethan's reply: "We're playing house. I'm Alayna's wife and she's my son. We're wearing wedding rings (which were slinkies)", haha!  It was super cute :)

Alright folks, I'm gonna wrap up this post. 
Don't worry, there will be lots more to come :)


Annette said…
Missed you! Thanks for catching us up!
love ya all!!!<3
Christy said…
The Farm catered our married life retreat last weekend and it was really good! They even did a dairy free, gluten free dish for me that was delicious. I'm glad you can pause and catch your breath this week. I too hate to wrap, Dan is great at it. I get bored to easy. Ha! I like to bake but I get bored with that after about 6 hours!
Kelly said…
That is such a sweet pic of the kids holding hands! And even though I love to bake, it can get pretty old after several hours!!

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