Christmas Eve

This was probably one of the most mellow Christmas' we've had in quite a while.  No one was out visiting and we really didn't do a whole lot.  In fact, I never left my house on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve morning we let the kids open a couple of presents.

They both got pillow pets.  A dolphin for Alayna and a monkey for Ethan.

The kids and I hung out around the house and Matt finished pruning one of our many trees out front.  I prepped all of the appetizers for the evening.  My mom and my brother came over for appetizers and our Christmas celebration.  We ate lots of yummy food and had fun opening presents.

It was so much fun watching the kids open presents this year.  They were so excited.

This cracks me up...
Alayna received a little purse, a skirt, and clip on earnings inside of a backpack.  She promptly put them all on and spent the evening wearing them :)  It made me laugh every time I saw her with those earrings on.

Cookie even got a gift...
I wrapped it and put it under the tree for her, she was pretty excited ;)
 This dog LOVES my brother.  She never leaves him alone when he is over at our house.  It makes me laugh because he actually prefers cats over dogs.
Ethan and Grammy playing with his new Lincoln Logs.  Such a classic toy :)

The festivities ended a little earlier than usual because my brother needed to get home and do laundry and pack for his trip to Colorado (he went on Christmas morning).  The kiddos took quite a while to go to sleep after all of that excitement :)

One last picture of me and my cute hubby.  He did good and got me some fun gifts that I didn't even know I wanted (plus the one thing I asked for.  Good job honey!


Christine said…
How sweet! Love your pics... looks so simple. Merry Christmas!!

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