My Office

I realized I haven't ever posted pictures of my work space.  This past weekend I did a couple of fun little things for my office so I took a few pictures.

This is where I spend several hours a day :) I almost always work during the kids' naptime and then a little bit at night when the kids are in bed (sometimes a lot of time at night).  My office is also the laundry room and my craft room :)  I just love having this much space for my use, especially since I spend around three hours a day in here.  It's painted granny smith green and yes, I love it :)  I know it's not a color that is for everyone, but it's bright and cheery to me.

I bought these cool photo clips at the Photography Museum at Balboa Park in San Diego.  I thought it was cool that I could make a little collage and just clip whichever pictures I want together.  I like the simplicity of it, and being able to display quite a few pictures in one place.

I made these little print outs in Photoshop a while back.  Underneath them is my white board that usually has my to-do stuff on it.  As of today, I can cross out most of that stuff, yay!!!!!

  This is my laundry area, and it's filled with utilitarian things.  Notice the mops and dog dishes, the ironing board, etc :)

 I painted these two thrift store frames a cheery red to go with the pops of red I have in my office.

I picked up these retro frames (actually I think they are candle holders) at a yard sale a long time ago.  I painted them black and then put fun bright fabric in them.   The color is off in this picture.

There you have it... my work space!   I didn't bother posting the other side of my craft room/office, since I already have.


Christy said…
I too love that green! Very nice. Great work space. I think its funny that both your homes have had cute little work spaces right off the kitchen area. That is so cool!
Noreen said…
I really like your picture collage. Such a neat and simple idea!
Kelly said…
I love that paint color...makes the room so bright and cheery! And I like the red accent color with it. :)
Your office space is quite small, but you use the space very well without making it look cluttered. What made you decide to place it near the laundry? I think you should locate it near your bedroom where there is a window, so you could grasp some air when you feel any pressure. +Clayton Steadham

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