Toddler Bed

(I started this post two weeks ago and never finished it)

A couple of weeks ago Alayna decided that it would be great fun to climb out of bed instead of sleeping.  When we put her down she immediately climbs out of her crib.  We have tried everything.  We figured since she was launching herself in and out of it that we might as well convert it to the toddler bed.  Now that buys me a little time to find her a "big girl bed".

Honestly, this makes me so sad.... the crib is our last "baby" item around the house :(  Both kids slept in it. We have to make sure that her light is turned off and we keep the child lock on her door, because as soon as you lay her down the girl is up trying to play.  The stinker.  She's getting less sleep lately than she used to, and I'm hoping the novelty of being able to get out of bed will wear off!

Of course when I asked her if I could take pictures of her in her bed Ethan had to hop in as well.


so does she eventually fall asleep in her bed? does she scream when you lock the door and throw a fit? so interested
Jessica said…
We usually have to go in there a few times because she'll lay on the floor and holler out the bottom of her door, lol. She ends up falling asleep in her bed and does fine... but it's been taking her longer to go to sleep.

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