Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alayna's First Haircut

Matt and Ethan got their haircuts this weekend so I had their hairdresser trim up Alayna's hair too.  This was my baby's first haircut (aside from me mangling her bangs a couple of times, which is whey I am now growing them out).

She did so great!  She was excited to get her hair cut and wear the Nemo cape.  She even got curls at the end, so cute.  Now it doesn't look so scraggly.

 All done and eating her lolly

Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to the land of the living

A full six days of sickness and I finally re-joined the land of the living yesterday.  I haven't been that sick in years.  Whatever nasty but I had really knocked me off my feet!  I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

Saturday morning I finally felt like eating since my throat started to feel better.  Ever since Matt and I were married (almost 10 years ago), Saturday mornings I make a yummy breakfast.  This week it was blueberry waffles.  yum.

 My family approved :)

 Love happy Saturday mornings with my family :)

The kids like to pretend they are going to school (specifically Ethan).  They put on their backpacks and "go to school".  It's so cute.  Alayna likes to carry her lunchbox too :)

I spent the morning cleaning my house.  After being sick I felt like I needed to bleach my entire house!  Oh how I'm praying for health for us all for a while.  I want to be back at the gym feeling strong again :)

Neither of our kids napped yesterday.  The one nice part about that is early bedtime.  So we put them to bed at 6:45 last night and grilled up some yummy shrimp.  I made a side dish that is one of my favorites.  It has orzo, fresh Parmesan, cherry tomatoes and basil.  It's yummy.  It was nice to enjoy a quiet dinner with some nice conversation.

On the menu tonight: Rachel Ray's Mexican Chicken Lime Soup (found the recipe on Pinterest, this is my first time trying it) along with homeade whole wheat bread.

That's all for now :)
Hope you're having a great Monday!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Week...

Ever feel like you just can't catch a break?  I kinda feel like that's how January has been for us.  Alayna was finally healthy and I thought we were in the clear.  Then three days later here I am with a fever, body aches, pounding head, swollen lymph nodes, a throat that is on fire, and just all around miserable.  I'm on day two of feeling like this.  Ethan had it for three days and Alayna for four, so I'm supposing I have at least one more day of misery. I must not have a very good immune system.  Do you know of any tricks to have a strong immune system?  I thought working out was supposed to help, but apparently it makes no difference for my body.

Thankfully yesterday my mom was off for MLK day and so we went over there and she entertained the kids for the morning while I layed on her couch.  Today I begged Matt to stay home.  I'm super bummed because I had planned a little tour of Bass Pro shops for our mom's group at church and now my kids have to miss out.  I was looking forward to taking them too.

Ethan was drawing me a picture yesterday to help me feel better :) 

In between Alayna being sick and my coming down with it we did have a few nice days :)  I even got my camera out.  The sun was setting on Friday and the light was gorgeous so I took Alayna out front and tried to get a few pictures of her (Ethan was taking a late nap).

She loves to climb on the pile of mulch we have out front...
I don't love it so much as she usually gets filthy

Later that evening we had our family date night.  I made a pizza, we made the kids "special sodas", which is just an Italian soda, and we watched a movie.  The kids love their special sodas.

Thankfully the day before I came down with this nasty bug I spent the day cleaning my house and grocery shopping, so at least I get to be sick in a clean house :)  I even spot cleaned all of the stains out of my carpets.

In the middle of family date night on Friday when we were trying to watch our movie the dog comes running through the house after having just been sprayed by a skunk.  We chased her down but before we got to her she rubbed her nose in the carpet.  Oh my, have you ever been that close to fresh skunk spray?  It's putrid and makes your nose burn.  It was freezing cold on Friday but I still opened up our windows for a bit to try to get some of the smell out.  Cookie got relegated to the garage for a few nights.  Look how sad she looks.... not getting to be with her people.

Stupid dog is just too curious.  This is the second time she's been sprayed like that right on her face, then run inside and rubbed it on our carpet.  Since you can't really use stuff like tomato juice or the mixture of baking soda and peroxide that is recommended right on her eyes, it's super hard to get out.  Really the only thing that helps is time.

Alright, I'm going to close my eyes for a bit.  I'm kind of bored of being sick.... I'm too miserable to actually enjoy the laying around.  I'm really hoping Matt is not the next victim of this weird nasty bug and it goes away for good.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cell phone pictures

I rarely take my Dslr with me,  but I always have my phone,  so I actually end up taking a lot of pictures with it.
  Between Ethan and Alayna having the flu we had three days of health and gorgeous weather.  We went to the park one day.  Another day we went hiking in Oak Glen with the Oates.

Then poor Alayna had a fever for four days and was miserable.

This was a random picture from one evening when the sunset was pretty.  It was reflecting off Oak Glen.  The view from our backyard.


Today was the first day we got a good night of sleep and the weather is still gorgeous.  That meant we went to the gym so that I could work out, then we headed to one of our favorite parks in Yucaipa.  The kids were SO happy to be out and feeling good, and I was too!  :)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Progress

My motivation and progress to accomplish things around the home took a major break this week while Alayna has had the flu.  The poor girl has been miserable and sick for the past 4 days.  Today she finally played a little and perked up and that fever she had finally got below 100.  It's still hovering around 100, and I'm hoping it gets back to normal.

We've been house bound and I've been trying to keep her happy.  I'm a little close to loosing my mind since Ethan had this same bug last week as well (although only for 48 hours).  I'm hoping that we can resume our normal activities soon because the kids and I are going stir crazy and the TV has been on waaaaaayyyyyy too much.

This morning was the first time she played and cracked a smile for days....

This morning I was able to get to one of my To Do projects.  I tackled the hall closet that has not been organized since we moved here a little over a year ago.  We mostly just threw stuff in there.  I tried to take a before picture but it's really hard to tell what is what.

A few hours later and I can walk in to get to things!  yay!  I wouldn't say this is really pretty, but it is highly functional so that is 1 point.  Wow, so much work for only one point, lol.

I needed something cute to organize my vitamins that sit on the counter.  I have to keep them on the counter because if they are not visible every day I will forget to take them.  I shopped my closet that I cleaned out and found the perfect solution :) Functional + pretty + free = 4 points

 I've been wanting to organize the kids' puzzles.  When I came across this Melissa and Doug puzzle organizer on sale for $13 on Amazon I had to get it.  I wouldn't really call it pretty.... but it sure serves a handy purpose. The kids have once again been enjoying their puzzles.  1 point.

This isn't part of the contest....
but these two flowers from the 99 cent store displayed in my pretty milk glass makes me happy :)
$2.00 well spent in my opinion :)  I need some prettiness around here since I've been surrounded by nasty illness.

Oh, and one more exiting thing....
I re-designed photography blog (this is what I've spent most of the week on).
So fun.  I love it.  I think it looks fresh and feminine and elegant.

Check it out.
Now if I can just get to the website.

Alrighty, that's all for now.
I actually did a project from Pinterest today, I'll have to post that later :)
That makes a total of 6 points for this post.
Is anyone else keeping track?