Alayna's First Haircut

Matt and Ethan got their haircuts this weekend so I had their hairdresser trim up Alayna's hair too.  This was my baby's first haircut (aside from me mangling her bangs a couple of times, which is whey I am now growing them out).

She did so great!  She was excited to get her hair cut and wear the Nemo cape.  She even got curls at the end, so cute.  Now it doesn't look so scraggly.

 All done and eating her lolly


Auntie Nett said…
So sweet-- What a dolly! Wish I was there to squeeze her. She makes me miss those days with my girls.
Christy said…
Ahh...sweet photos Jess. It's funny because I took Morgan to get her hair cut yesterday and she wanted Candi to straighten it; Dan was so freaked out that her curls were gone. Ha! I told him to hang on cause she's almost 11 and this will be the least of his worries. ;)
Carly said…
She is precious! I love those curls!
Tonda Lynk said…
She is so adorable!
Holly said…
she is beautiful-she must have loved the curls!
Leticia said…
So cute!!!

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