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I'm going to join Leslie's little "Pretty vs. Practical Home Challenge" for the month of January.  I can use any extra motivation that I can get :)

Last week I was rested, had Christmas cleaned up, got several good nights of sleep (sadly this has not been the case this week) and didn't have any work to do.  That meant I finally got to a few projects on my "want to do" list!

I painted these frames that I had purchased for super cheap at various thrift stores and Matt hung them for me in Ethan's room.  I've been wanting to do this forever.  I love how it turned out.


We used a gift card that Matt received to purchase this little organizational bookshelf thingy for Ethan.  He didn't have much space for his toys.  It makes me so happy that everything is cleaned up in there and looking good :)

I hung up this pretty wreath that Jolene made us for Christmas.  What I love about it is that she saved all these corks from wines that we enjoyed together and then made this pretty wreath.  So clever.

We also got this new couch... it's new to us anyways :)  My friend Teresa was getting rid of it and I've actually always loved it and wanted one like it.  We worked out a little barter and we are enjoying our new couch.

When the four of us wanted to watch TV we had to squeeze on our one little couch, which is now in the playroom/living room.

Soooo.... let's see, that means I get points...
Here is Leslie's point system:
If I accomplish a task that pretties up the house I get a point. +1.
If I accomplish a task that practicals up the home I get a point +1.
If I do a task that both pretties and practicals up the house I get +3.

If I do a task that does either task, and it costs zero money I get +1.
Ethan's Room = +3 (bookshelf) and also +1 (frames)
The new couch = +3 because it's practical and pretty and +1 because it cost me zero money (just labor, I'll be doing her baby's pictures).
Hanging the wreath = +1
Total = 9 points

I'm totally motivated to accomplish some much needed work around my house!  
Also on my to do list:
-cleaning out the hall closet
-hanging pictures in the hall
-hanging something pretty above my bed
-making Ethan a bunting banner with his name on it for his room
-making a wooden H that I want to glue wine corks to
-new labels for the toys in the playroom (and probably re-organizing them)
-working big time in the backyard (with Matt) so that we can make the back half a playground for the kiddos (this will not get finished in one month)

So, how about you?  Want to join me?


Patty said…
Way to go, Jess! You have inspired me to get some 'to-do' list things done.
Love the wreath that Jolene made and am interested in seeing what you do with the wooden letter and wine corks. I have a TON of corks and want to do something creative for our house with them but am lacking in inspiration.
Leslie said…
WOW WOW WOW this is Awesome.... I will link back to you sometime this week.... this is awesome.... you already have gotten so much done. I love it.
Annette said…
I'm feeling the same way! Already started in the front yard, and am picking up some furniture/organization projects I'd stalled on-- thanks for the encouragement. I'll be keeping track too, it will be fun!
Annette said…
Isn't your total 9? 3+1+3+1+1=9
Jerrod said…
So what do you get with all the points you earn? What's your reward? Is the reward the fact that you did stuff to your house?
Christine said…
WOW! Im am so impressed. Now I feel like a big fat loser/slacker!
Teresa DiMillo said…
I LOVE it... something about the new year and wanting to start fresh! The couch looks great in your living room and I am now going to start saving my wine corks. I don't know what I am going to do with them, but I now have some ideas! Love it!
Christy said…
OK I'm gonna have to check out that challenge. :) I am always looking for a way to organize, de-clutter and
make improvements around the house.

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