Back to the land of the living

A full six days of sickness and I finally re-joined the land of the living yesterday.  I haven't been that sick in years.  Whatever nasty but I had really knocked me off my feet!  I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

Saturday morning I finally felt like eating since my throat started to feel better.  Ever since Matt and I were married (almost 10 years ago), Saturday mornings I make a yummy breakfast.  This week it was blueberry waffles.  yum.

 My family approved :)

 Love happy Saturday mornings with my family :)

The kids like to pretend they are going to school (specifically Ethan).  They put on their backpacks and "go to school".  It's so cute.  Alayna likes to carry her lunchbox too :)

I spent the morning cleaning my house.  After being sick I felt like I needed to bleach my entire house!  Oh how I'm praying for health for us all for a while.  I want to be back at the gym feeling strong again :)

Neither of our kids napped yesterday.  The one nice part about that is early bedtime.  So we put them to bed at 6:45 last night and grilled up some yummy shrimp.  I made a side dish that is one of my favorites.  It has orzo, fresh Parmesan, cherry tomatoes and basil.  It's yummy.  It was nice to enjoy a quiet dinner with some nice conversation.

On the menu tonight: Rachel Ray's Mexican Chicken Lime Soup (found the recipe on Pinterest, this is my first time trying it) along with homeade whole wheat bread.

That's all for now :)
Hope you're having a great Monday!


Christine said…
Oh you poor thing! Sorry you felt so horrible! That's gotta be the worse - when you are sick and still have to care for everybody!

love the pics- as always! The shrimp looks divine! I love date nights at home but hardly have the energy. I need to get back into it since we are trying to be more frugal!
Christy said…
Glad you are back up and around. Being sick is no fun! I just joined the EZMEAL plan and am loving it. I was even able to pick the Gluten free menu planner. Lots of good meal plans. Your dinner sounds yummy! Oh and we were so lazy this past Saturday. Dan came home and none of us even got dressed the entire day. LOVE IT!
Brenda said…
Let me know how you like the Mexican Chkn Lime soup. I've made this soup a few times now, and each time I've tweaked the recipe just a bit.

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