Cell phone pictures

I rarely take my Dslr with me,  but I always have my phone,  so I actually end up taking a lot of pictures with it.
  Between Ethan and Alayna having the flu we had three days of health and gorgeous weather.  We went to the park one day.  Another day we went hiking in Oak Glen with the Oates.

Then poor Alayna had a fever for four days and was miserable.

This was a random picture from one evening when the sunset was pretty.  It was reflecting off Oak Glen.  The view from our backyard.


Today was the first day we got a good night of sleep and the weather is still gorgeous.  That meant we went to the gym so that I could work out, then we headed to one of our favorite parks in Yucaipa.  The kids were SO happy to be out and feeling good, and I was too!  :)



Annette said…
Glad you all are feeling better! We're enjoying the gorgeous weather here too, 'cept I'm outside painting furniture! Need to get the roses pruned too...one thing at a time! Love you all!
Christy said…
Wasn't the weather great! We loved it as well. Poor baby looks like she didnt feel good.

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