New Year's

Super mellow seemed to be the theme of our holiday season.  New Year's was no exception.  We went to a birthday party on the morning of New Year's Eve.  The kids had fun eating treats and playing.

Ethan and his friend Madyson... he loves this girl :)

Alayna enjoying a cake ball

Unfortunately later that evening Ethan came down with the flu.... not the stomach flu, but the miserable fever/achy kind.  He spent the next two days laying on the couch miserable.  My poor buddy.  Since New Year's Day fell upon a Sunday and Ethan was sick he couldn't go to church.  I had to teach Sunday school so Alayna and I went.

Matt made some ollie bollen, because it just wouldn't be New Years without this traditional Dutch treat :)  They were yummy and I think Alayna ate more than Matt and I.

mmmm.... the one time a year we deep fry :)

Ethan is feeling better today and I'm praying no one else comes down with the bug he had!  I'm anxious to get to the gym and work off some of this holiday bloat :)


Kelly said…
Mmmmm...those look QUITE tasty. My kids would love them seeing as they seem just like donuts??? :)
Christy said…
Oh I'm sorry he was not feeling good. Remember the chewable pro biotic thing I told you about? Well, if you can get some chewable vitamin C for them to take (make sure it does not have a milk base) I think you will notice less colds this winter. Also, keeping him clear of any sugar after he gets sick and the days following will give his blood sugar a chance to level out and get him healthy faster. Sugar is the WORST enemy when you are getting sick. Sorry, you didn't ask for all this but I have tons of tricks since I go to Dr. W for my RA. She treats my kids instead of their traditional Dr. Now if only our insurance paid for her. Ha! Oh and I had NO idea you could buy a fryer that small; I better never get one. LOL!
Annette said…
Jess, you have pretty milk glass cake plates! Where did you find them? The Ollie bollen looks yummy too. :-)

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