This Week...

Ever feel like you just can't catch a break?  I kinda feel like that's how January has been for us.  Alayna was finally healthy and I thought we were in the clear.  Then three days later here I am with a fever, body aches, pounding head, swollen lymph nodes, a throat that is on fire, and just all around miserable.  I'm on day two of feeling like this.  Ethan had it for three days and Alayna for four, so I'm supposing I have at least one more day of misery. I must not have a very good immune system.  Do you know of any tricks to have a strong immune system?  I thought working out was supposed to help, but apparently it makes no difference for my body.

Thankfully yesterday my mom was off for MLK day and so we went over there and she entertained the kids for the morning while I layed on her couch.  Today I begged Matt to stay home.  I'm super bummed because I had planned a little tour of Bass Pro shops for our mom's group at church and now my kids have to miss out.  I was looking forward to taking them too.

Ethan was drawing me a picture yesterday to help me feel better :) 

In between Alayna being sick and my coming down with it we did have a few nice days :)  I even got my camera out.  The sun was setting on Friday and the light was gorgeous so I took Alayna out front and tried to get a few pictures of her (Ethan was taking a late nap).

She loves to climb on the pile of mulch we have out front...
I don't love it so much as she usually gets filthy

Later that evening we had our family date night.  I made a pizza, we made the kids "special sodas", which is just an Italian soda, and we watched a movie.  The kids love their special sodas.

Thankfully the day before I came down with this nasty bug I spent the day cleaning my house and grocery shopping, so at least I get to be sick in a clean house :)  I even spot cleaned all of the stains out of my carpets.

In the middle of family date night on Friday when we were trying to watch our movie the dog comes running through the house after having just been sprayed by a skunk.  We chased her down but before we got to her she rubbed her nose in the carpet.  Oh my, have you ever been that close to fresh skunk spray?  It's putrid and makes your nose burn.  It was freezing cold on Friday but I still opened up our windows for a bit to try to get some of the smell out.  Cookie got relegated to the garage for a few nights.  Look how sad she looks.... not getting to be with her people.

Stupid dog is just too curious.  This is the second time she's been sprayed like that right on her face, then run inside and rubbed it on our carpet.  Since you can't really use stuff like tomato juice or the mixture of baking soda and peroxide that is recommended right on her eyes, it's super hard to get out.  Really the only thing that helps is time.

Alright, I'm going to close my eyes for a bit.  I'm kind of bored of being sick.... I'm too miserable to actually enjoy the laying around.  I'm really hoping Matt is not the next victim of this weird nasty bug and it goes away for good.


Christy said…
Weelllll......I do know some tricks to avoiding getting sick but you probably don't want to know. Ha! Seriously, cutting out sugar is HUGE! And the daily chewable probiotic as well. We also order beta carotene capsules on line at They are tiny and red and your kids can even chew them if they cant swallow them yet; makes a huge difference as far as colds go. Just a few things. I know, you ask and I'm kinda annoying with the same answers. Sorry. :( Want me to bring you some soup? Seriously, I am home most mornings or at least shortly after the gym so if I can ever bring you anything let me. :)
Holly said…
Hope you are feeling better. Your pictures are always so beautiful and it helps to have beautiful subjects like your kiddos- thanks for sharing! :)

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