Catching up...

This is a long post for me so make yourself comfy :)  
I feel like I don't blog about our day to day life as much as I used to, so here is a nice long post that does just that.

We spent Saturday working around the house. 
Started the day off with pancakes then I got to work cleaning my house while Matt started outside.
These two played very nicely together while I cleaned.
They had quite the little tea party set up.

Then we all headed outside and I helped Matt the rest of the day.  We accomplished quite a bit.  We rototilled some compost into our front yard and got it all smoothed out (we had already rototilled all the dead grass and raked it out).  Now we are just about ready to seed.

The kids had fun playing outside while we worked...
getting nice and filthy and looking like ragamuffins :)
That's how Saturdays should be, right?

 We keep trying to teach her how to pedal the trike,
she hasn't gotten it quite yet.
We called it quits around 4:30 since we could hardly move.
It was an order in pizza and watch a movie kind of night :)


Sunday after church I decided I needed to get into a few pictures since I couldn't find one from the month of January with me in it.  I try to get in at least several of them a month for the sake of my kids :)

And an arm shot of me and my honey....

Shortly after my mom came over and watched the kiddos while Matt and I got to go out all afternoon.  The best part is we didn't ask her, she asked US.  She missed the kids and wanted to spend tiem with them.  Aren't grandparents the best???  We headed to the movies and saw "One For the Money".  I've read a lot of those Stephanie Plum books and enjoyed the movie. 

After the movie we cruised on over to Hangar 24 (a local brewery) and each had a beer.  I had a chocolate stout that was super yummy.  It was such a beautiful day out and we got to watch the sunset.  After taking our time there we headed over to Mill Creek Cattle Company and enjoyed some good meat for dinner.  The best part is we also had gift certificates.  The only money we had to spend was on our drinks at Hangar.  It was so fun to spend the afternoon together.  The best part was that we got home just in time to put our kids to bed and then enjoyed a nice quiet evening.

I had to post these two pictures of Matt and Alayna cuddling on that same afternoon...
so precious. 

 I figured since January is over I'd post the last couple of projects I did.  The flu seriously hindered my progress, but that's okay, I still feel happy with the things I accomplished.

Matt helped me hang these frames in our hall.
By help I mean I begged him, and then told him where I wanted them,
then he did the rest.
I've had the frames for months and am happy to finally have them hung.

I also made this cute little project after seeing it on Pinterest.
It's been fun to have this little message board in our room and sweet to write each other little notes.
It definitely makes me smile when I see a new note for me :)

 I was excited to use one of my vintage belt buckles that have been sitting in my craft supplies.  I also made two burlap flowers and used one of my vintage buttons.  The frame was actually new.

Alright, I think that's about it for now, whew, hope I didn't bore you :)


krista said…
Cute frame for your room :) I have been the worst blogger ever. I am so worked by the end of the day I don't have anything nice to say, so I don't say anything at all...ha. I need to do a catch up post! Glad you guys had a fun date!
Kelly said…
Such a fun date afternoon. :) Glad it was virtually free!
Christine said…
That picture of you by yourself is hORGEOuS!!
Holly said…
Ok that love frame idea is just PRECIOUS!!! I may need to copy you :)
Christy said…
Not bored at all! Great post. And yes those are how Saturday should be spent. In my world that is a perfect weekend with my hubby and kids. :)Hey, also when you have a chance drop me an email, I have a really good idea someone gave me for a family photo shoot idea you could use. :)

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