Cell Phone Pics

It seems I've taken way more cell phone pics lately than nice pictures with my DSLR.  So here are quiet a few of them... from the past month and a half.

  1. On the way to church, they held hands on their own.  So sweet.
  2. Silly girl makes silly faces all the time
  3. free balloons from Staters = very excited kiddos, I love it cheap thrills.
  4. Fun with sunglasses.
  5. ditto
  6. fun at the park
  7. A walk around the block with Grammy.  Alayna didn't have a jacket so my mom wrapped her in a blanket, lol.  Burrito girl!
  8. She actually walked like that
  9. A cute sock monkey from her cousin Amanda

This was one of the first times we were able to go out and about after I had been so sick with the flu.  We were all very happy for sunshine and fun at the park.

  1. Her mad face
  2. Holding hands again... I never get tired of it :)
  3. Having a beer at Hangar 24... yum yum
  4. Fun at our favorite park in Oak Glen
  5. And one of Ethan at the same park
  6. My sweet girl
  7. Ethan got his first "pretend gun" from the 99 cent store.  He thinks it's fun.  
  8. A fun tea party after dinner with real cookies and water
  9. A much needed haircut for me

  1. Alayna can almost do Ethan's scooter.
  2. Ethan riding his bike at the park.
  3. More fun at the park (we LOVE parks).
  4. Alayna taking her baby for a walk in the driveway
  5. Greeting Daddy as he gets home from work, she loves him
  6. Another one of Alayna and Daddy
  7. Dumpster diving rocks. We scored this Big Wheels and the kitchen in picture 8 for free.  One of our neighbors put them out with the trash and we hauled them home.  Now the kids have an outdoor kitchen.
  8. I guess he needs to stand on the stove to cook?  Silly boy.
  9. Playing outside while we wait for daddy to get home, what we do whenever the weather is nice.

And last one!  This was from last night.  Matt and I got to go out on a date to celebrate Valentine's Day.  My mom babysat.  We swung by Total Wine (the absolute best place to buy booze, they have an amazing selection and the lowest prices).  I joked that Matt was like a kid in a candy store in the scotch isle :)  We then went to King's Fish House and enjoyed some amazing fish for dinner.  I had hazelnut crusted salmon that was to die for.   We strolled around Victoria Gardens, then had tea at Coffee Bean and Tea leaf before heading home.  It was a wonderful afternoon/evening.

Now tonight we get to have massages from Danielle in our home!  Sooooooo looking forward to that, especially since I'm exhausted today.

Alright, now that I've got all those cell phone pictures blogged I can move onto other stuff!  Yay for getting a little caught up :)


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