Dinner with my fam

Last Friday night we had my mom, brother and Beth over for homeade pizza.  Rare is the time we all get together for a dinner that isn't due to a birthday or holiday.  It's always nice to have a low key night.  These aren't the greatest flash pictures.... but at least we took some :)

We were having fun taking pictures of our dirty martinis.  We've been wanting to frame a few cool pictures of drinks we've made to hang in the bar.  I think this could be one of them.

Uncle Jerrod playing a puzzle with Alayna.

 My mom and my brother were making Cookie howl... too funny.

 I tried to get everyone to play my new game "Quelf", however after two rounds they were tired and all pooped out and left :(  Sad for me.  Now I'll have to rope some other people into playing it!  haha.


Christy said…
It is fun to get together for no other reason than to hang out. :)
Kelly said…
Ahh...bummer that Quelf wasn't as big of a hit as you wanted! :)
Anonymous said…
That game is so fun! We crack up everytime we play.
Momma Coy said…
That comment was from me!I don't know why that showed up as anonymous :)

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