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I've fallen behind in blogging, so I have quite a bit to catch up on.  For some reason I have not been very motivated to blog.  However then I remember that the primary reason I blog is because I get my blog printed into a book every year, and that is our family's memory book.  There are so many things I don't want to forget.

We've been having a lot of fun going hiking lately.  I love that we live in a town that has several different really great areas with maintained trails.  We've done a few as a family, and then the kids and I have met up with friends a few times and hiked.  It's great because it gets us all outside in a beautiful place, and it's free!  Ethan is a champ and totally hikes great.  Alayna sometimes requires carrying and asks us to "hold you on your holders", which means she wants us to hold her on our shoulders or back :)

The unusually warm and gorgeous weather has allowed for a lot of hiking the past two months.

Here are some of our recent hikes (all cell phone pictures).

This is in Oak Glen up at the Wildlands Conservancy (next to Los Rios).  This is a super pretty hike.  The last part is a bit steep, but it's not bad.  We usually make it around the loop in an hour.

Here we are hiking with the Oates.

We also met my friend Kelly and her two kiddos.  Her son is close in age with Ethan and her daughter is only 4 months older than Alayna, so it works out really well because we keep a slow pace and no one minds :)

This is the same hike in Oak Glen, but we were with Matt over Christmas.

Before Matt and I had kids we hiked up in the Crafton Hills all the time.  It's a great hike and you get to go to the top of the peak and the views are incredible.  Kelly and I met up and took our kids on this hike, however we only made it a little ways up the steep hill :)  We decided we'll try it again when we have more time and can hopefully make it farther.

There is a walking path/trail that goes behind Chapman Heights and is right up against the hills.  Faith and I took the kids on that one day.  It also has a park right next to it, so after hiking the kids got to play.

Gracie holding Alayna who was refusing to walk
 Another favorite hike is Wildwood Canyon State Park.  This place actually has trails that go around for miles, but we only do a loop that takes about 45 minutes.  These are also equestrian trails, so you can take horses here.  These pictures are just from last week and it was sprinkling and COLD, but we still had fun, even finishing up our hike with a picnic outside at the park across the street.

Faith, Wesley and Ethan holding hands :)

 Next up Kelly and I are going to try out Forrest Falls.


Teresa DiMillo said…
So I'm not a huge hiker, but I've been on a few hikes and I seem to like it and Taelyn is a trooper, let me know if you wanna have some novice hikers tag along :)

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