Ethan has recently discovered the joys of a two wheeled scooter versus his much slower three wheeled one.  We had this old Razor scooter and he picked it up and started riding it like a pro one day.  Now it's all he wants to do.  If the weather is nice we often spend an hour before dinner out front, riding bikes and scooters and playing.  My boy thrives when he can spend a lot of time outdoors.  Keep him cooped up indoors, and we have ROUGH days.  It's a good thing I love being outside so much :)

 These pictures are from the other week.  This week is cold and rainy.  I'm glad because we need the rain, but oh boy is Ethan's behavior so much worse.  He will be so happy when the sun is shining once again (and so will I for that matter).  It's a good thing we live in Southern California!~

Alayna was pushing her baby in a stroller on this particular day :)


Christy said…
Ha how funny, my girls have been living on those skooters since they were about 3. They still ride them every day. I occasionally jump on and take off down the driveway cause they are so fun! :)

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