Snow Evening

We get excited when we get our yearly snow :)  It happens about once or twice a year, when it snows and the snow sticks to the ground.  Just about perfect in my opinion ;)  Just yesterday I did a senior shoot with gorgeous sunlight, tank tops, and flip flops.  Fast forward 24 hours later and here we are donning jackets and boots to go play in the snow.  Only in Southern California!

At first we watched the snow as it started to fall from the comfort of the couch.

Then we went out front... and stood in the snow and caught a few flakes in our hands and hair.

This was Alayna's first experience with snow.  Last April when we had a few inches of snow she slept in until 9:00 and then stayed inside and didn't know any different.  This year she loved it.

But then I asked them if they'd like to play in it, and so we put on shoes, thin jackets, and slippers for me, and went out and played.

I love the look of wonder on their faces as they looked at the snow...

Ethan's favorite snow activity.... eating snow!

And yes, I wore slippers in the snow... and had a blanket over my head to protect my DSLR while I tried to snap a few photos of the kids, lol.  It was pretty dark out and I had to have my ISO cranked up to 2000, so the pictures aren't the sharpest.... but they do preserve the memories, and that's all that matters :)

This cracked me up.... the kids were "skiing".  They were shuffling through he snow pretending to ski.  Since I actually love skiing this made me proud ;)  Maybe I can take Ethan up the hill one of these days and see how he does on skiis.

And this is always my favorite ironic shot.... a palm tree with snow on the fronds.  I love living in So Cal!

20 minutes and two freezing kids later and we dashed inside to a warm bath while I made dinner and Matt tried to watch the Daytona race which was rain delayed from yesterday.

Certainty an eventful Monday :)  I love days that take unexpected turns and end up making memories.


Mom H said…
I love this! You really captured how we feel every time the snow comes... and goes..... so love it but so glad it doesn't stick around for very long!
Christy said…
Ha! We were trying to watch the race too but our satellite was so full of snow it kept shutting our TV down! Dan got tired of climbing up and cleaning it out. LOL!
Crystal said…
Just got caught up on your blog. LOVE the crib tent. I know that I will need to buy that from you in a year or two ;). Why can't we invent such things?!!!

This all makes me miss you that much more...martini's, yard work, snow kindred spirit ;). xoxo
Christine said…
i showed your pictures to my husband to convince him we need a snow day... somewhere.

that and I really wish we got snow here. It look absolutely beautiful. Your pictures are always so pretty!

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