Spontaneous Fun Day

The other morning I woke up after about 3 hours of sleep (thanks to the kids both waking and me not being able to fall asleep in between).  I got into autopilot and got dressed for the gym.  After feeding the kids I realized I just did not have the energy to go to the gym.  It was beautiful outside so I decided we'd do something fun instead.  We packed a lunch, picked up Matt from work and headed over to Victoria Gardens.

We let the kids play at Bass Pro.  They loved looking at the fish, shooting the guns, and climbing in the boats.  Oh, and of course a couple of rides in the "alligator" (elevator) were a must.

Captain Ethan and his first mate Alayna.

 We ate our lunch at Victoria Gardens, watched the fountain and then went for a little train ride.
 I love how excited they were for the little train :)
 We got Coldstone and played on the little playground, then headed home.  We dropped Matt back off at work and went home.

It was such a fun little outing and I only spent $12.00 + gas (which is like $100, lol, j/k).  It was especially nice that Matt could join us.  We have been working so hard around the house nearly every weekend that we haven't gotten out for much fun as a family.   Matt didn't mind being stolen away from work for 3 hours :)


Shelly McGuire said…
Haha K used to call the elevator an alligator too :) Glad you had a good time Salch!!
Kelly said…
It is so amazing how getting outside on a great outing can help you feel better despite horrible sleep. So glad it helped you have what could have otherwise been a long, sleep deprived feeling day. :) I've never noticed the inside of the elevator...must look like an alligator?? :)
Christy said…
Days like that are the best!

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