Stater Brother's Tour

Last week we got to go on a tour of Stater Brother's with our TMOMS group.  It was a very informative and fun tour.  The kids got to tour nearly every part of the store.

They got to:
- sample french fries and cookies in the bakery
-watch a cake be decorated
-walk through the huge refrigerators
-see the loading dock
-see where the produce is cleaned and packaged
-spray the produce with water (Ethan's favorite part)
-eat a banana
-have an in depth tour of the meat department which included touching a crab, shrimp, fish and seeing odd parts of cows, such as the heart and brain
-and at the end they got balloons

It was such a fun tour.  My kids loved it.


Annette said…
How fun! I miss those field trips. That's such a fun age! What's next? Fire station? Post Office? And I still remember going to the Redlands Post Office in K or 1st--it was amazing!

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