Valentine's Day

As I mentioned in my previous post Matt and I went out to celebrate Valentine's on Sunday, and I'm glad we did, because it was so nice to go out alone together.

We started the morning off with little gift baskets for the kids, and Matt and I had little gifts for each other as well.  On holidays I love for the kids to wake up, walk out, and find a little surprise.  Of course they were stoked.  Why not eat candy hearts at 7:00 am, right?

 Ethan's still in jammies with crazy hair.
 When Alayna wakes I usually just change and dress her right away.  Makes things much easier.  She doesn't look like a raggamuffin like her brother ;)  She was stoked to find a pink rubber ducky with hearts (she loves rubber duckies for some reason), and princesses, and bracelets, and of course candy.
 Daddy and Alayna

 The day before Valentines I worked extra hard to make my special Valentine one of his favorite treats.... an extremely hard to work with sugar cookie recipe that is his absolute favorite.  I even spent the extra time to make them look extra special, which he loves.  These are a labor of love for me.  They only happen because I love my honey so very much. He was stoked to come home and find them :)

After Matt went to work and the kids and I went to the gym, we went and delivered Valentines treats to my mom at work.  Each of the kids got to give her a potted plant with a cute little Valentine sign sticking out.  They might have had a little help from me in making those ;)

Grammy with her two little Valentines :)  They were SO very excited to bring her their gifts (and we brought her yummy Thai food for lunch too).
 Me and my little Valentines at my mom's work.  She has a tiny little playground at the place she works and the kids call it "Grammy's playground".  Super cute :)  They always enjoy visiting her, saying hi to everyone, and playing on the slide.

Of course my sweetheart gave me a little something too (and if you're curious I gave him a stainless steal flask and a nice work shirt).  He always gives me plans I can plant in the yard, which I love.  I used to have Calla lillies at our old house and don't have any here, so these are definitely getting planted and enjoyed :)  That bottle next to it is brandy, and yes I do like it :)  I'm coo like that, lol.  The card was actually SUPER sweet and brought tears to my eyes.  Good job honey!                         

 Our plans for the evening included a yummy dinner, cooked and enjoyed in a hopefully quiet atmosphere.  haha... part of that happened.  Let's see, Ethan was extra hard that day, didn't nap, and so we put him to bed at 6:30.  After we put him to bed I discovered that at some point during the day he had gotten ahold of some stamps and stamped on the carpet in the playroom and all over his door.  They were cheap 99 cent store stamps that DO NOT wash off.  To say I was mad was an understatement.  I think smoke might have come from my head.

Matt made me this delicious cocktail, which he named the "Jess-tini", hehe.  We like to make up drinks around here.  It was super good and definitely felt  like a Valentine's drink.
 I enjoyed it and tried to get over my fuming while we cooked up some yummy rib-eye steaks, grilled shrimp, asparagus and sweet potatoes.  It was a delicious meal.  Staters has the BEST sales on yummy food around Valentine's Day.  By the time we ate Ethan was finally asleep and quiet.  Our little girly had taken quite the long nap and happily watched two episodes of "Micky Mouse Clubhouse" so that we could dine in peace.  It ended up being nice, although I think I emotionally dumped on Matt after a couple of very difficult weeks with the kids.  I guess that's just life, right?

All said and done, while it wasn't the perfect day, while my kids were hard and dinner didn't go as planned, celebrating little holidays with my kids is so very fun.  I love how excited they get about them and how they love little gift baskets filled with trinkets from the dollar store.  I love the simple excitement.  I will seriously miss that as they grow older.

I am blessed beyond belief to have so many people in my life that I love, and especially my little family.  It's funny, as I grow older Valentine's Day is not just for me and my honey, it's a day to tangibly express my love to the loved ones in my life.  And while I strive to do that all year long, it's fun to have a day especially for that :)


Christy said…
Your gonna laugh but Dan bought me Lillie's as well. I turned our dining room into a fancy Italian eatery and served Dan and the girls a 4 course meal complete with home made ice cream and chocolate dipped cones. Then after the kids were in bed we lugged our lap top to bed and watched a movie together. Ahhh....such a good life.
Anonymous said…
Please share the sugar cookie recipe, they look adorable!

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