Weekend Update and a few randoms

Once January rolls around we seem to get a fire lit under us to work around the house.  Every free Saturday we have is spent working on our projects and just doing chores.  Lately I've been cleaning on Saturday mornings, then helping Matt in the yard when I'm finished.  We are currently working on getting our front lawn in, and also on a big project in our backyard.

This junky corner of our yard has yet to have much done to it.  Last year it housed my raised garden beds.  Matt moved those out front for me (to a side of our front yard that gets virtually no use).  We still need to move the dirt out. This is the area that will soon become a playground for the kids.  Matt is going to build them a swing-set/clubhouse, and then also a shed over here.  

What do the kids do while we work?  They love to be outside as well, getting filthy :)  This play kitchen has become a dirt kitchen.  They have been having fun pretending to cook with dirt and making a huge mess.  Can we say "cheese face" here?

And I have no idea what this face is, lol.  Don't mind his ragga-muffin outfit.... when we work outside I put play clothes on them because they can get pretty filthy.

Yum, dirt pie.  Doesn't that look delicious?  She's feeding it to a doggy here :)
We removed a peach tree from this spot that had been dead since we moved here.  I wanted to plant another peach tree, because peaches are my absolute favorite summer fruit.  Matt's parents were sweet and picked us up a bare root tree since now is the time to plant them.  Now this little beauty is planted and even has a few little blossoms.  Hopefully in a few years she will grow nice and big :)

We have a tiny little mejer lemon tree we planted last year.  It has a few ripe lemons on it this year.

In other unrelated news I won a Kindle from the Salt and Nectar Blog.  I uploaded a couple of books and am excited to try it out.  

I made the kids a fort one rainy morning last week.  They had fun in it for a while.

Lastly, I just have to share what we did with Alayna and her sleeping nonsense.  She was seriously getting out of her toddler bed NON stop.  She had stopped napping and was not getting enough sleep, but just could not stay in her bed to save her life.  We had tried everything we could think of and finally one afternoon in a fit of desperation I ordered a crib tent from Amazon.  This was seriously the best $50.00 I have spent in a while.  She doesn't mind it at all, and it works like a charm.  She can't get out, and another great thing is nothing can come out of this either, it's basically a net all the way around the crib.  That means no more throwing her binkies out of her bed! Once we installed this she immediately started napping again and went back to her great sleep habits.  I guess she wasn't ready to give up that nap after all (thank goodness).   She goes down great at night as well. Ahhhhh, thank you inventors of the crib tent!!


krista said…
oooohhh, no binkies out of the crib? hmmm i may need one of these too...what a miracle ;) SO glad she's napping well for you again!!!
Leslie said…
oh I hate that throwing stuff out of the crib stage. Too funny. Glad you have YOUR naptimes back. :)
Kelly said…
You sure can't put a price on something that makes your child sleep better!!! I went back and read the hiking post you did a while back. :) Not sure why I missed it!
Christy said…
Ohhhh I LOVE my Kindle. I read about 2 books a week on it. I love it because I throw it in my bag wherever I am headed and I have a book that is light and when I am finished I just down load another. Lots of free ones on Amazon as well. So good for traveling because who likes to lug heavy books around when you can pack shoes! Ha!

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