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*I love when I try new recipes and they are a major hit.  Last night I made two new recipes that are both definitely keepers.  The first was Sweet and spicy citrus tilapia (click here if you want the recipe).   It was so very easy to make and the fish was flavorful and tender.  I will definitely make that again.  The second hit of the night was the dessert: Browned butter snickerdoodle blondies with butterscotch sauce (here's the recipe).  They were amazing.  Matt says they "rocked his taste buds", hehe.  The problem is that I still have quite a bit left, and soon they will rock my hips, lol.

*Saw The Hunger Games the other night with some friends.  I loved it.  It was very true to the book and I thought they did an excellent job with the movie.  The only thing was it was so intense (as is the book), and afterwards I was WOUND UP.  I could not fall asleep.  Before the movie we had dinner at Las Fuentes, which was great.  It's always fun to get to have some time out …

Snow Again

Last Sunday it snowed again.  It was fun because we woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground, so we threw on some jackets and shoes and the kids went out and played in it in their jammies.

 Since our kids don't have boots, Matt had the great idea to put bags over their shoes to keep them dry.  It worked great!

We got the kids ready for church and they were quite upset to have to leave the snow. It snowed off and on the rest of the day.  It would all melt, then it would snow again and some would stick.  It was fun being nice and cozy inside while we watched the huge fluffy flakes fall.  The boys watched the race while I caught up on blogs and Pinterest :)  I also made some yummy split pea soup.

 I tried to get a picture of how huge the snowflakes were, but it's hard to tell.

Always fun to have a weekend snow day :)

Happy Birthday Mama!

My mom had a birthday a couple weeks back, so last weekend we had her over for a little birthday dinner.  We grilled up some yummy steaks (in the freezing cold... it started snowing that night), made Pinoeer Woman's potatos au gratin, and had roasted asparagus.  It was delicious!  The pictures are not great because the white balance was TOTALLY off and some of them were overexposed, but oh well.

Happy birthday Mom!  We are blessed to have you live close to us!  Our kids adore you and love being able to see you every week :)  I love you!!!

Camping Cousins

The other week we were over at Matt's parent's house for dinner.  The cousins were all outside happily playing.  They called me out to take a picture of what they had built...

Their own campfire :)
I thought it was pretty cute.
It's so nice that the five of them can play together and enjoy one another (most of the time).  All the little blond Dutch kids.

Papa watching Alayna tromp through his garden area....

While I was out there I had to snap a few pictures of some of the various spring blooms and foliage.

A Day in the Life

I haven't done a post like this in over a year, and it's been on my "want to do list", so today is the day (here is last year's post).  This post is a lot like last year's post, but oh geez do my kids look older.  It makes me a little sad.

 In reality today is not quite as typical as most days, since it's the day after daylight savings and we're kind of off on our time, and I'm still trying to recover from bronchitis. However, it's pretty ordinary in that we didn't do anything spectacular.  So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or something, because it's a long post ;)  I documented our day from beginning to end.

An Ordinary Day in our Lives, Monday March  12, 2012

7:00 am- Matt gets up to get ready for work.  I decide since it feels like 6:00 (dang time change) and I still don't feel well, I'm not getting up.  I roll over and go back to sleep.
8:05 am- Ethan wakes up, wanders into my room, and gets into bed with me t…