Ethan, 4 years and 4 months

My Ethan,
You are four and four months right now. You are becoming such the little boy.  It's been a long time since I've written a letter to you.  This is kinda random, but it's full of little tidbits that are "you" right now.

-You are still very much the social butterfly.  You do not like playing alone.  You always beg me or your sister to be with you.  You won't even play outside by yourself.
-You are still my affectionate little guy.  When you are happy and having fun you constantly tell me how much you love me and blow me kisses.  You'll always give me good snuggles.  You promise me that when you are a big man you will still be my "buddy boy" :)  One day you even told me that when you are a big man you can live in my driveway so that we can be close.  hehe, I love it.  I truly do hope you live close to your mama when you are a big man.  You better never stop giving me those hugs!  :)
-You know all of your letters and the sounds they make.  You aren't as good with numbers (like your mama?).

-You are spacial like your dad.  You like to mold objects out of play dough.  Yesterday you constructed a very intricate horse.  You love to play with your Legos and build things.
-You love to pretend.  You love when Alayna will pretend with you.  You invent all kinds of little scenarios.  One of your favorites is to chase imaginary bad guys or monsters.
-You love being active.  I try to take you to the park and hiking often, as you are quite happy when we are doing something together outside.
-One of your current favorite outdoor activities is to ride your Razor scooter.  You are fast on that thing!  You love to zip around the driveway on it.
-You love to help your daddy with the endless yardwork and projects we have around this house.  You will stay outside with him all day on Saturdays and you really do try your best to help.  It's awfully cute.
-The other day you told me "Mom, thanks for getting married to my Dad".  hehe.  I'm glad I married him too!

Lately you play with your cars all the time.  You love to line them all up (and you have a TON of them).  You love to build "garages" for them.  In this picture you are jumping your motorcycle over the line of cars.

Four is starting to be a little easier than three was.  Three was HARD with you.  Your crazy fits are starting to be less intense and less long,  and you are a little easier to reason with.  You seem to have easy weeks and hard weeks.

This fall you will be starting pre-k.  I think it will be great for you, but I have to admit I'm a little sad that our carefree days together at home will be coming to an end before I know it.  I love you so very much Buddy Boy!

Love, Your Mama


Christy said…
Oh Jess, hold onto those days before he goes to school.You never get them back. Oh and just for the record we are glad you married Matt too! ;)

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