Happy Birthday Mama!

My mom had a birthday a couple weeks back, so last weekend we had her over for a little birthday dinner.  We grilled up some yummy steaks (in the freezing cold... it started snowing that night), made Pinoeer Woman's potatos au gratin, and had roasted asparagus.  It was delicious!  The pictures are not great because the white balance was TOTALLY off and some of them were overexposed, but oh well.

My bro and my Mama

My mama and her two kiddos

My mama and ALL of her kiddos :)

Happy birthday Mom!  We are blessed to have you live close to us!  Our kids adore you and love being able to see you every week :)  I love you!!!


Christy said…
Ahhhh...Happy Birthday Debbie! Your a great mama and grandma.

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