Last Weekend

Guess who's been sick again?
Alayna came down with a nasty bugger of a cold and quickly brought me down with her.
The two of us have been congested and miserable for the past week.
I'm tired of feeling crummy and anxious to feel better and resume my normal activities. 
We've just been laying low and trying to take it easy.
 The two sickies.  Don't mind Alayna's snotty nose.
Oh, and do you see she's wearing panties????

The one advantage to all of this is that I decided to potty train Alayna since I could just stay home and devote several days to it.  I have been very pleasantly surprised at how easy she's taken to it.  It's been nearly a week and she's only had ONE accident.  I'm so proud of her!  She's super cute and proud of herself.  She has been so proud to keep "Dora dry" every day :) I'm also very excited about the prospect of not having to buy diapers or diaper pail liners anymore.

Sorry, but I have to post this... hehe.  She looks tore up.

So this weekend was unbeleivably nice.  The weather was in the high 70's.  We were sporting flip flops and tank tops.  I sat outside quite a bit and did a lot of this....

I'm on the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy.  It's so good!  I finished the first book within two days.  Of course now I want to see the movie when it comes out.

This was my view.... not too shabby huh?  It was crystal clear and just perfect out.  I never get tired of seeing the mountains from our backyard.

My boys enjoyed the weather as well.

We were playing around outside and I was trying to get one decent picture with a serious face.  I'm the worst at it.  I can totally pose clients and direct them, but then when it comes to having my own picture taken, unless it's a cheesy smile I usually fail, lol.  Don't laugh....

Oh my goodness, I need to practice with that.  Those pictures make me laugh. 

 And one last pretty picture....
Matt took this and I love it.
Cool perspective.


Annette said…
Your view makes me homesick. Hope you and Alayna are feeling better soon. I think (knock on wood) that we've finally gotten over the worst here. I sure hope so! Love to you all!
Swanner said…
I don't do serious photos well either. :) You look good though. But were just not serious people ya know? Ha! Your girl looks like I feel this week. LOL!
I LOVE that picture Matt took. So cool. And oh how you are gonna LOVE not buying diapers.....I'm seeing a new flip flop fund coming on. ;)Feel better friend.

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