*I love when I try new recipes and they are a major hit.  Last night I made two new recipes that are both definitely keepers.  The first was Sweet and spicy citrus tilapia (click here if you want the recipe).   It was so very easy to make and the fish was flavorful and tender.  I will definitely make that again.  The second hit of the night was the dessert: Browned butter snickerdoodle blondies with butterscotch sauce (here's the recipe).  They were amazing.  Matt says they "rocked his taste buds", hehe.  The problem is that I still have quite a bit left, and soon they will rock my hips, lol.

*Saw The Hunger Games the other night with some friends.  I loved it.  It was very true to the book and I thought they did an excellent job with the movie.  The only thing was it was so intense (as is the book), and afterwards I was WOUND UP.  I could not fall asleep.  Before the movie we had dinner at Las Fuentes, which was great.  It's always fun to get to have some time out with friends :)

And now, a few random happy things from around my house:

1. This pretty little glass from Anthropologie.  As soon as I get some flowers blooming I will fill it with them.  I love the color and design on the glass.

2. Flowers from the 99 cent store in milk glass.  Something I do a lot, and find very cheery :)

3. A favorite after lunch treat of mine, dark chocolate honeycomb that I buy at the fruit stand here in town.  It's so yummy.

4. My roses are just starting to bloom.... mmmmm

5. No picture, but oh how I adore the smell of orange blossoms.  They are so yummy.

6.  Ranunculus... aren't they so pretty?

7. A spring bunting banner made from vintage fabric (and a few scraps) that I had lying around.

Lastly, a self portrait I took last week.  Something someone in my Inland Empire Photography group challenged us to do.  Self portraits are not easy to take.  Oh, and I look really blonde here... but have not colored my hair.  It must be the light.

Alright, it's nearly 3:00 and I've yet to shower today.... I'm still in my gym clothes. 
Time to get cleaned up!!!


Kelly said…
*Those blondies look amazing!!! Butterscotch is second to chocolate for me!
*I've always wanted to try that honeycomb stuff.
*I'm sorry you had a hard time going to sleep after the movie. Someday that will not longer be an issue for you... :(
Christy said…
How you doing this weekend friend? Sleeping better I hope. I love putting little vases of flowers everywhere too! It's just so cheery. Makes me happy!

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