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Vegas Baby

We're driving home from Vegas so I figured I might as well post about our trip. Especially since judging this traffic we're going to be driving for quite a while...  Bleh. Three nights away was just perfect.  We arrived around 3:30 on Thursday.  We checked into the timeshare and went grocery shopping.  We made dinner,  sat in the spa and watched a movie.  Very relaxing evening. Friday was spent by the pool,  relaxing,  swimming,  reading...  It was wonderful.  That is something you only get to do on vacation once you have kids :-) We went back to the room and got glammed up for a night on the strip.  Notice my awesome blue shoes in the picture below.  James picked them out for me.  Did you know he's a personal shopper?  :-)We got dinner at a yummy restaurant in Caesars Palace.  The best part is that we ate for free because we had vouchers.  I had halibut and Matt had filet minon.  We then went in search of $5.00 blackjack tables,  which after some searching we found across…

More Catching UP and lots of back yard pics

Now that I've caught up with Instagram I can post a few of my "real" photos :)

The past few weeks have been quite busy with very little down time. I have three more shoots to finish processing and then on Thursday we are off to Vegas for three nights with some friends and no kids.  I am SO very ready to relax and have a nice break.  It will be a much needed vacation :)

Here are a bunch of random pictures of us playing in the yard, something we do all the time when the weather is nice.  We LOVE to be outside :)  They are all from the past month.

Most of these photos were taken with my new 85mm lens :)  I love it.
Matt took this one of me.  I think I finally got a decent "serious face" photo. 

Love this picture of my little miss.  My two favorite goof balls :)

 She still loves the dirt.  Thankfully she doesn't eat it as much as she used to :)

Hm, not sure what they were doing here but it looks funny :)

This is a rather frightening picture of Alayna, and for…

Huge Instagram Dump

Lately I've been using Instagram more than my nice camera for photos around the house.  This could be in part because I've been busier than normal and had five photoshoots last week.

Today we didn't go anywhere and I stayed in my jammies until almost 1:00, it felt great!  It's a much needed catch up day.  I'm working away and also trying to catch up a little on my blog.  So here are the last few weeks in Instagram :)