Huge Instagram Dump

Lately I've been using Instagram more than my nice camera for photos around the house.  This could be in part because I've been busier than normal and had five photoshoots last week.

Today we didn't go anywhere and I stayed in my jammies until almost 1:00, it felt great!  It's a much needed catch up day.  I'm working away and also trying to catch up a little on my blog.  So here are the last few weeks in Instagram :)

Playing at the park.  The weather was gorgeous and the view from Flag Hill park is amazing.

Apple blossoms in Oak Glen

Both kids had dentist appointments and did awesome.  Alayna hopped right in the chair and let them clean her teeth, and Ethan even had an x-ray.  Quite a difference from our last visit!

Roasted cauliflower with cheese, a new favorite veggie

Alayna finally learned how to pedal the trike!  She's been zipping around like crazy and is quite proud of herself :)

Dogpile on Daddy

My new lens.  I love it.  It's awesome for portraits.

Practicing her shapes and colors.  She's quite good!

I'm currently finishing up "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo".  It's been really good.

Mommy and Alayna snuggles.

We pulled out the blow up slide last Thursday when it was our turn to hose dinner.  The kids had a blast wearing themselves out.  Makes me wonder why we don't get it out more often :)

Pretty sun beams

My roses have been gorgeous and so fragrant.  I've been putting them in milk glass on a vintage tray and it makes my kitchen such a happy place :)

We went to my mom's to celebrate my brother's birthday one Sunday.  It was such a relaxing day.  We relaxed, ate, and hung out.  It's so nice now that the kids can skip naps and we can enjoy an afternoon somewhere :)

Grammy and Alayna

Jerrod watched the kids for me for an hour one day while I took some pictures of a newborn at the hospital.  He was a good uncle and put on Netflix for them ;)

Me and my bro

Pretty skies after a rainy day

The grass starting to pop up out front.  I can't wait until we have a lush green lawn!

This kid gets some awesome bed head in the mornings :)

Ethan at the dentist

Ethan and Matt playing with Legos.  Matt is so good about playing with them like this.  I adore that about him.

Buds :)

My little book worm

Laying on Uncle Jerrod's huge bean bag watching Thomas the Train.

Ethan built this car this morning and was quite proud of himself :)

Snow capped mountains and green fields with wildflowers.... so pretty.  That is Oak Glen behind me.

Catching up on work... mailing out some client CDs

Practicing making words and sounding them out with daddy.  This boy is so eager to learn right now :)

Frozen yogurt with uncle jerrod

Beautiful wild grass at sunset.  This was right before one of my photoshoots last week.

Can't get enough of all the spring blooms :)


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