More Catching UP and lots of back yard pics

Now that I've caught up with Instagram I can post a few of my "real" photos :)

The past few weeks have been quite busy with very little down time. I have three more shoots to finish processing and then on Thursday we are off to Vegas for three nights with some friends and no kids.  I am SO very ready to relax and have a nice break.  It will be a much needed vacation :)

Here are a bunch of random pictures of us playing in the yard, something we do all the time when the weather is nice.  We LOVE to be outside :)  They are all from the past month.

Most of these photos were taken with my new 85mm lens :)  I love it.
Matt took this one of me.  I think I finally got a decent "serious face" photo. 

Love this picture of my little miss.
 My two favorite goof balls :)

 She still loves the dirt.  Thankfully she doesn't eat it as much as she used to :)

Hm, not sure what they were doing here but it looks funny :)

This is a rather frightening picture of Alayna, and for sure not her best, lol.  She had a clold at the time.

They love to hang on the branches of the Redwoods... not our favorite thing :)

We planted this little flower bed the other week.  IT was just dirt.  Now it's filled with pretty flowers and groundcover :)

We moved my raised beds out front, to a little corner of the front yard that goes completely unused.  There's a gate in the back that leads out to it, so it's quite convenient.  I am very excited that the kids won't be able to pulverize my garden this year :)  I got about half my beds planted.

This is the part of the backyard that we are now turning our attention to.

We've been hard at work around our yard during our free time on the weekends.  We finally got our front lawn seeded, and it's slowly growing :) What we'd really like to do back here is put a pool, as there is plenty of space... we're hoping to perhaps be able to do that in a few more years.  For now we're just going to put a lawn here, and a swingset for the kids.  We're also going to spruce up the gazebo, which is currently filled with kid toys.

These back beds are filled with irises (that I did not plant, they were here).  It's been fun to see them pop up.  They are quite pretty.

Standing from the same ugly spot in the previous picture, you turn towards the house and the scene is quite a bit lovelier :)  Last year at this time this was a mess!  We were trying to get it all ready to seed. 

Matt was taking these pictures of the kids... and he snapped this of me, lol.  I think I was posting something to Instagram ;)

I love these action shots he took... the kids were wrestling over a soccer ball. 

And lastly... a picture of Matt... and one of the only ones I had from this batch of pictures. He looks excited huh?  hehe.  Sorry honey.  I think you're cute!
I can't beleive it will be our 10 year anniversary in July.  We are trying to plan a fun trip away... somewhere all inclusive in Mexico for a week :)  We're thinking Puerta Vallarta.  We need to get that booked pretty soon here!


Teresa DiMillo said…
I have to say I am SOOO jealous of your backyard. I showed the pictures to Todd and he said that I like the idea of a well groomed backyard and even if our backyard was as nice as yours, I still wouldn't go back there... He may be right, but I don't care! You guys are making great progress! Looks so great!
Christy said…
Your yard is looking great! I'm so excited you are about to celebrate 10 years. So fun!
Kelly said…
I cannot believe it will be 10 years in a couple of months! Mexico sounds great! I still remember when you just started dating.

Your backyard is looking nice! I would like to start a veggie garden but that's way down on the list right now.
Kelly said…
Yes, your backyard truly is the perfect size for play, garden, open space....You've done such a great job on it. Have a blast in Vegas!! Be daring and stay up until 11:00 like I would. Ha!
Christine said…
Swwet pics... that last one of hubby is cute... he looks so devious..

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