Simple Days

Our days have been simple lately and I love it.  My most favorite thing right now is that the kids and I have the freedom to do whatever we want.  No school or sports schedules to dictate our lives.  Just sweet, simple days together that I truly am savoring.  These carefree days are going to end much too soon.  We go to the gym nearly every morning,  run errands once in a while,  but most days we end up at the park or meeting friends.  They ask me to go to park nearly every day.  We hike a lot,  we play on the slip n Slide,  we play play dough...  Simple activities that thrill them :-) Such a sweet time with them right now. I wish I could freeze time sometimes...  And hang onto this time just a little longer.

I actually have lots of really pretty photos to share,  and lots to catch up on.  However I also have quite a bit of work to finish for clients,  so I'm going to dump some Instagram photos...  I've been loving it since they finally came out with an Android version last week :-)

The fields near our house... so pretty with all the wildflowers

I find her like this so often.  I love my little book worm.

Have I mentioned I love spring?  Like seriously love it.

It warmed up a bit so we decided to break out the slip n slide before another storm comes in this week.

Oh how I adore the smell of orange blossoms

Ran four miles pushing these two one day... it wasn't so easy.  I was proud to still run an 11 minute mile.

They love laying on blankets in the grass. As do I.

A trip the the local nursery is always fun

He likes to sit next to me in the mornings when I read my Bible and do his "Bible Study", which I find adorable considering he cannot yet read

Helping us pick out plants at the nursery.... I"ll post more on that soon

Don't you look like this when you read?

Trying to get a little color on my legs while I eat lunch... going to Vegas in 2 1/2 weeks and I don't want to be a whitey ;)


Christy said…
Yes those days are so precious, I am glad you realize it. :) Our girls our getting so big. It's hard to remember those days of play doh and long walks. Although it changes I do adore watching them at dance, in art class, etc. They are so independent and I suppose that is what we are raising them up to be right? sounds better than it feels some days. ;)
Kelly said…
Great post. :) I was just telling Chris how much I'm looking forward to the summer where we don't have T-ball, speech, or school and can just fill our days with hikes and parks. :)
Christine said…
sounds grand! Can't wait to join you. I only have one summer left before my oldest goes to Kinder. whahaha! So sad.

You are doing it right! Love the photos, btw! And that sandwich is making me drool!

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