Vegas Baby

We're driving home from Vegas so I figured I might as well post about our trip. Especially since judging this traffic we're going to be driving for quite a while...  Bleh.

Three nights away was just perfect.  We arrived around 3:30 on Thursday.  We checked into the timeshare and went grocery shopping.  We made dinner,  sat in the spa and watched a movie.  Very relaxing evening.

Friday was spent by the pool,  relaxing,  swimming,  reading...  It was wonderful.  That is something you only get to do on vacation once you have kids :-) We went back to the room and got glammed up for a night on the strip.  Notice my awesome blue shoes in the picture below.  James picked them out for me.  Did you know he's a personal shopper?  :-)

We got dinner at a yummy restaurant in Caesars Palace.  The best part is that we ate for free because we had vouchers.  I had halibut and Matt had filet minon. 

We then went in search of $5.00 blackjack tables,  which after some searching we found across the street at some little casino.  Two hours of blackjack later we were ready to hit the club.

James brother in laws brother is a bouncer at Club Pure at Caesars Palace.  He put us on the comp list so we didn't have to wait in line and we got in for free,  plus Faith and I got free drinks until midnight,  pretty sweet.  It was an awesome club. We headed straight up to the rooftop and spent the rest of the night out there dancing.  It was awesome.  This was my first time ever going to a Vegas Club and it was such a fun experience.  I loved the electricity in the air. 

We got back to our timeshare and crashed at 2:00 am.  That's late for these old folks,  lol.  It's Sooooo nice when you can stay out late and not worry about having to wake up early with the kids.

We spent Saturday by the pool doing much the same thing.  We made dinner and then headed down to Freemont Street.  While that place is super cool I think every freak in Vegas was out.  You would not believe the things we saw...  Lol.  I think the most jaw dropping for me was the lady with the boobs that were larger than a large watermelon.  People would take their picture with her and she would pull down her shirt,  where she just had pasties on. She would shove their faces next to them so that they could have a picture taken.  Would it be better to earn a living doing this,  or just going on welfare?  Hmmmmm. 

Unfortunately we were all low on luck and did not last long at the blackjack tables.  We wandered around for a while and looked at all the freakizoids,  played a few slots,  had dollar shrimp cocktails and headed out.  We decided we were starving,  so we ended up having milkshakes and fries at Inn and Out at midnight.  Meals at midnight,  that's how we roll in Vegas.

We headed out this morning around 10:20, stopped at the outlets at Stateline and then joined all the other million people on the road :-) That brings me to now,  where I'm bogging on my phone.

It was a very fun weekend.  It's so much fun to get away and relax,  and do whatever you feel like doing :-) Thank you mom for taking such good care of my kids!  Thank you Oates for another awesome weekend in Vegas filled with super fun memories.

Since I'm on my phone Blogger just dumps pictures at the end,  so here's a bunch of cell phone pictures :-)


Christy said…
Glad you guys got away and had fun without kids. Well......if Dan's career doesnt work out I guess there is always flashing in Vegas for a living.....or not!
Christine said…
how FUN! you are rocking those heels too! Very cute!

I LOVE all these pictures you captured... totally felt like i was there. ;)
Christine said…
and that last one is hilarious!! even the driver is looking! lol!
Kelly said…
Sounds like such a great time! The shoes are super cute and you are quite tan ;) Glad you guys had such a relaxing time!

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