Cinco De Mayo

May 5th, which is Cinco de Mayo, also happened to be the day of the Holland Festival at Redlands Christian School.  This is a fundraiser for the school but also a very fun event for the kiddos.  They have carnival games and treats, Dutch dancers and all kinds of cool stuff.  Our kids love it and have a blast every year. 

This is the only picture I took at the Holland Festival, and it's from my phone.

Matt's dad is a huge fixture at the Holland Festival.  He's been on the board at RCS since Matt and Dan went there.  He loves the Holland Festival and works his little heart out all day long selling raffle tickets.  This year because of the chemo he wasn't able to go.  He was just too worn down.  It was one of the very few times he's ever missed and to be honest things just didn't seem the same there without him.  He was bummed that he wasn't able to go.

We came home from the Holland Festival around 2:30.  I decided I was craving carne asada since it was Cinco de Mayo, so Matt went to a local Mexican market and picked up the makings.  We grilled it up, made some guacamole and fresh margaritas and had a little feast.  It was super yummy.  It was nice to relax in the yard for the evening.

Mmmmm..... carne.  I am DEFINITELY a meat eater :)

Margaritas made with fresh lime juice, tequila, orange liquor and a little sugar, on the rocks of course.

Homeade popsicles for the kids.  I just blend up fruit and freeze it, and they think it's some great treat.  It's a win-win situation.

Not sure what this face is....

That's better :)

 My little missy...

 Matt took these pictures of me... I think we were playing around with the 85mm lens here.  Still trying to figure out if it has a focusing issue.  Anyhow, I kinda like the pics.  I'm getting a little better at the serious face.  Plus when you're a photographer, it's super good practice to get on the other side of the lens so you can remember how it feels ;)


Kelly said…
We love to grill carne asada too! Sounds like a fun day. I'm sorry your father-in-law couldn't make it :(
Christy said…
I was thinking he probably couldnt go this year. Sad face.......I bet everyone missed him. I always remember his Hawaiian shirt selling tickets. ha!

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