Inland Empire Professional Photographers

A few months back I joined a Facebook group called Inland Empire Professional Photographers.  There are around 65 members and they are all local photogs.  It's been so much fun meeting all of the area photographers, getting to know them, and helping one another out.  Everyone is so kind and helps one another, teaches one another, and supports each other.  It's been such a breath of fresh air to make friends in the industry, and also with my competition.  I kind of felt like a lone duck before, and was super intimidated by other photographers.  Now if I have a question about anything I post it in the group and usually within minutes a few people have answered.  It's awesome.

Last night we had our third meet up.  We're trying to have a meet up once a month.  One of the photographers was gracious and hosted it in her brand new studio in downtown Claremont.  It was so much fun.  Thankfully someone brought a camera and a flash and took a few pictures of us all :)

Jay brought a cake, which is why we have a cake in the picture :)

This last one is a cell phone pic... of me and Jhen Stark... she's the one person I knew in this group before joining it :)  She's also the lovely lady who's done our family pictures the last couple of times.


Kelly said…
That is SO great that you have a group like that. It's probably a similar feeling to when you are a new mom and feel alone, but then stumble upon a group of moms that knows EXACTLY what you are going through and can relate perfectly. :)
Christy said…
That's great that you found that group! It looks like you all had tons of fun. :)
Crystal Keilers said…
Just got caught up. Love your outfit here btw (sorry, shallow moment).

I am so sorry to hear about Matt's dad. I can imagine the Holland festival isn't the same without him, family traditions minus the patriarch don't feel the same.

I am a broken record, but I just wish we lived a car ride away. xo
Oh i cant find you Opps now i see you ha ha ha

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