Lately we've been busy.  That's actually kind of an understatement, lol.

Last week I had five photoshoots, booked two weddings, still managed to work out and somehow care for my children :)   Matt is a huge help.  Have I mentioned that I couldn't run my business without him??? Not only does he support me big time, he comes home and takes over the child care duties so that I can go do photoshoots.  He also keeps track of all of the financial and necessary business aspects of the business for me :)

This has been my busiest month yet.  So grateful for the business because we are taking a couple of vacations next month, however it's been pretty crazy busy!  I only had dinner with my family two times last week.... the other 5 evenings I was gone on shoots.  This weekend I have nothing booked, and am looking VERY forward to just being around home for three whole days :)  We plan to BBQ (despite the icky weather), work around the yard, clean, cook up some yummy meals, and just enjoy being at home!

I had been getting headaches every single day for the past few weeks.  It was miserable.  I figured it was due to my eyes so I made an eye appointment.  Turns out my prescription has changed a little, so I ordered new glasses.  I was also told I have to either not wear sunglasses, or get prescription sunglasses.  I pretty much need to wear my glasses all the time.  Switching back and forth from cheap sunglasses to my real glasses was apparently one of the causes of the headaches.  I've been headache free for a few days since I stopped wearing my sunglasses, but also going crazy because I'm sensitive to light.  I didn't want to spend even MORE money on glasses, but I found a cheaper pair at Costco yesterday and so I ordered them with my prescription.  I can't wait to get them!

I had a rather traumatic incident with a crow this week.... lol. Somehow a baby crow was in our yard and unable to fly away.  By baby, I mean maybe 1/2-3/4 the size of an adult crow, and crows are huge, so this baby was pretty big.  Cookie tossed it around the yard and tried her best to play with it for three hours.  The baby crow was half her size.  Meanwhile there were about 20-30 adult crows going CRAZY and dive bombing Cookie and making a huge racket.  It was so crazy.  I went to the gym in hopes that Cookie would handle it by the time I got home.  Unfortunately, she didn't... and the baby crow was pretty beat up.  I despise crows, but I started feeling pretty bad, so I decided to mercy kill the bird.  I used what I had on hand... a sharp shovel... and you can imagine the rest.  It was ugly.  It kinda traumatized me, lol.  Those birds are HARDY and not easy to kill!  I told Matt we need to get a pellet gun.

Okay, so now that I've grossed you out, here are some fun Instagram pictures from the last few weeks....

Happy hour for everyone... Italian sodas for the kids :)

A lunch date at McDonalds with my kiddos... not sure what's up with Ethan's expression, but he really was having fun!

My little daydreamer.... she rolls around in the grass often :)

My lady at our McDonalds lunch date.  They picked the place.... I actually hate McDonalds.... but they had a blast :)

The end of a crazy busy day.... a glass of wine and the Grey's finale

Alayna had a cold the other week so I took my workouts to the street.  Running with these two is definitely a challenge!  :)

I took the kids swimming at my mom's pool the other week.  I love Alayna's new swimsuit. 

Ethan remembered how to swim in the big pool without any floaties... yay.

I decided to make REAL albums since I have all of these great pictures of my family.  The blog books just don't do them justice.  I'll have to post a decent picture.  I am just starting with this year.  I'm printing pictures from each month (and getting them printed from one of my professional labs, so the quality is great), then simply putting them into album pages that hold different layouts of pictures.  Simple. 

Alayna got her second haircut ever.... just a trim.  She was excited.  Love how serious she looks.

Lunch at the Kopper Kettle after church on Sunday.  Matt's mom got to come along too, it was great to see her.

Afternoon snuggles with my crazies :)

We took our evening walk offorading the other week :)  The kids thought it was fun to explore.

Picked up a new and bigger little kiddie pool.  They had so much fun splashing around in this one day. 

I have a serious thing for succulents lately.... these little guys planted in some of my milkglass make me so happy.  It's the simple things!

The boys snuggling and watching a race

Breakfast one morning... his request.

Good morning sunshine!!!

Took a fieldtrip to a place called Amy's Farm with T-MOMS.  The kids got to learn about some animals, feed them, pet them, and even milk a cow.

Taking a much needed break one day.... me reading while the kids splashed in the kiddie pool.  A win-win for all.

A little bit of sunshine in my kitchen

I was joking that he looked like a homeless man... pushing a stroller full of random odds and ends in his jammies

BUDS!  I took them on a donut date one morning :)

Did a senior shoot here the other week.

This guy is a charmer.... he knows how to charm.  You should see him wink.

They were pushing their babies around one morning.  Alayna has named all of her babies Baby Jeffery (after her new baby cousin).

Got a much needed haircut

Dinner with our Flores' :)

This is from a few weeks ago, but it was the first time mowing our front lawn :)


Jessy said…
Lookin' good! I read your blog all the time but usually from my google reader on my phone so I dont comment much. I read it in line to pick up kids, when I'm on the go, a passenger in the car, etc. Love it. Love all the random updates!
Christine said…
LOVE your pics. and EWE~~~ that does not sound fun! I'm sorry. we have a pellet gun for gophers, but i wouldn't even know the first thing in using it. :)
Christy said…
Great photo catch up! :)

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